The Gang of Slanderers of Sant Asaram Bapu ji exposed

Saint Asharamji Bapu is intent on the welfare of all beings for past 50 years. There are number of ashrams of Bapuji all over the country. People go there to have darshan, hear satsang, do sadhana and achieve all round progress in their lives by doing various philanthropic activities for social upliftment and national development. Crores of people are getting benefitted by Pujya Bapuji nectarian and spiritual service activities without any distinction of colour, caste, religion, state or gender. It is not surprising if some 8-10 renegades expelled from the ashram over such a long period of time level false and baseless allegations instigated by the conspirators just for the sake of money.

Why the media which exaggerates the false and concocted nonsense talks of such 8-10 paid persons alleging relentlessly Asharamji Bapu & his ashrams does not show the experiences of thousands of Bapuji’s disciples living in his ashrams and crores of his followers; who never found anything bad in his ashrams, instead they have had positive experiences?

If we know the character and past lives of the persons; who falsely accuse Bapuji and his Ashrams, the media engaged in evil propaganda will also get exposed. They are trying to malign the image of Bapuji and Ashram through the media just like snakes; who sip milk but spit venom. It is not that we accuse them because they accuse Bapuji. We have sound evidences of their misdeeds. They will have to face legal actions very soon. Meanwhile, we present the real face of the people who accuse ashrams.

Earlier, the bad character of Mahendra Chawala and Amrut Prajapati, and their misdeeds were presented to you in the previous issue. Now we continue to present the character of other traitors in this issue.

Brijbihari Gupta alias Acharya Bholanand alias thug Bhola

Bholanand is a member of the gang of slanderers. His name is Brijbihari Gupta. He disrobed his mother, beat her. He had, in fact, threatened his mother of rape; if she did not accuse Asharam Bapuji of rape. He is neither a man nor an animal but a brute.

His mother and brother told us the way he mistreated his mother. We have video recording of their statement.

Ishwar Nayak

The other villain is Ishwar Nayak. You might be aware of the fact that Justice D.K. Trivedi Commission was appointed to investigate the allegations leveled against Ashram. Earlier Ishwar had leveled many fictitious charges against Bapu and the Ashram. But he had to tell the truth before the Commission.

He said, “My wife had done mantra japa as per Pujya Bapuji’s instructions; when I was hospitalized (in Canada). It had given me a new life. Bapuji does not charge a single penny for treating any sick person. I was mentally disturbed, and so was my family before we came to live in the ashram. But after coming to ashram, I was very happy and cheerful. It is true that one’s problems are solved if one just goes round the Bada Badshah (a banyan tree charged with spiritual power by Bapuji) at Ashram. I have experienced it personally.”

First he leveled false and baseless allegations; but later he accepted the truth before the inquiry commission, and then repeated those false allegations on the media – what does it mean?

Ajay and Harendra

These two traitors made vain attempts to smear Bapuji and the Ashram.

First traitor is Ajay – He was a sadhak for name’s sake. He had no interest in the divine works of Ashram. He was always in need of money; as he had developed many bad habits. He started breaking the trust of people coming to the Ashram by misguiding them by talking senselessly. Not only this, he looked at women with lustful eyes. At first he was warned against such misbehavior. But when he did not stop his evil doings; he was expelled from the Ashram. How much trust can be placed on talks of such a person?

The other traitor is Harendra of Tehri.

Harendra, a native of village Bilara, of Hathras, was a teacher in Uttarakhand. He was very poor before he came to the ashram. He used to give tuitions in the name of Bapuji. He used to sell the goods purchased on credit from shops of sadhakas. Thus, he cheated the people and collected lakhs of rupees. He was expelled from the ashram for such dishonest acts. Now he is trying to show his strength by resorting to baseless and false propaganda.

Rahul Sachaan

Nowadays Rahul Sachaan appears on TV channels covering his face with a piece of cloth. He levels false allegations on Bapuji and ashram with the evil intentions of harassing Bapuji, Ashram and His family. He is a native of Delhi. When he lived in the Ashram, he used to quarrel with other sadhakas. He used to tell lies. He had many bad habits that were noticed many times. He was warned strictly, but he did not change his behavior. Then he was expelled from the Ashram. A lady had registered a complaint against him at a police station for his unsavory behavior. After that police case, he absconded and went to his village in Uttar Pradesh. Police raided his house and nabbed him. He was prosecuted. He was jailed for 4 months.

Pujya Bapuji has millions of disciples. Only 8-10 of them speak against him and Ashram. They are leveling baseless allegations on an innocent saint like Bapuji and Ashram with pure and auspicious atmosphere not because they had bad experiences during their stay at the Ashram, but because they themselves are full of vices. You yourselves may evaluate the credibility of baseless, fictitious allegations leveled by such corrupt and bribed persons.

Who is Shivnath?

Recently a person namely Shivnath of Shahjahanpur (U.P.) has leveled false allegations against Bapuji and Ashram. He said, “I have been living in the Ashram for the last 8 years.” But the truth is that Shahjahanpur Ashram itself is not 8 years old. Shivnath’s character is now exposed. He is a liar, a scoundrel. Shivnath used to pick quarrels with family members. The father of the girl; who has accused in Jodhpur case had appointed him as a caretaker of Ashram with a salary of Rs. 3000 per month. He had not completed even one year doing this job in the Ashram. Previously he was a servant of the accuser girl’s father.

From all these facts it becomes evident that Shivnath is a fraud man, and he is leveling false and completely baseless allegations only for the sake of money.

Cheat Bholanand trapped in his own trap.

Jammu. Brijbihari Gupta alias Vinod Kumar Gupta alias cheat Bhola alias Bholanand who had alleged that children were buried in the ashram of Asharam Bapu at Bhagavatinagar, Jammu, has been exposed by Vicky of Jammu and Kashmir. Vicky Kumar has given the CD to the Police in which his conversations with Bholanand have been recorded. He has given Bholanand’s phone No. and call details of his phone to the Police. The forensic investigation has found the CD to be genuine. It is understood from the conversation that Bholanand was offering a lot of money to Vicky to dig out skeletons of children from graveyards and bury them in the Jammu Ashram of H. H. Asharam Bapuji. Bholanand has claimed that he was involved in various illegal jobs in other ashrams of H. H. Asharam Bapuji. Jammu Police have registered a case against Bholanand under section 120-B, 194, 211, 295, 295-A/383, 195 and 195-A for hatching a conspiracy of crime, instigating others to commit a crime, and damaging a religious place.


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