Swami Vivekanand-2

My Plan of Campaign

– Swami Vivekananda

(Delivered at the Victoria Hall, Madras)

I had a message from India to the West, and boldly I gave it to the American and the English peoples. There have been certain circumstances growing around me, tending to thwart me, oppose my progress, and crush me out of existence if they could. Thank God they have failed; as such attempts will always fail.

But there has been, for the last three years, a certain amount of misunderstanding, and so long as I was in foreign lands, I held my peace and did not speak even one word; but now, standing upon the soil of my motherland, I want to give a few words of explanation.

There is a report going round that the Theosophists helped the little achievements of mine in America and England. I have to tell you plainly that every word of it is wrong; every word of it is untrue. We hear so much tall talk in this world of liberal ideas and sympathy with differences of opinion. That is very good, but as a fact, we find that one sympathizes with another only so long as the other believes in everything he has to say, but as soon as he dares to differ, that sympathy is gone, that love vanishes as well. There are others, again, who have their own axes to grind, and if anything arises in a country which prevents the grinding of them, their hearts burn, any amount of hatred comes out, and they do not know what to do. What harm does it do to the Christian missionary that the Hindus are trying to cleanse their own houses? What injury will it do to the Brahmo Samaj and other reform bodies that the Hindus are trying their best to reform themselves? Why should they stand in opposition? Why should they be the greatest enemies of these movements? Why? – I ask. It seems to me that their hatred and jealousy are so bitter that no why or how can be asked there.


Swami Vivekanandji: My Plan of Campaign


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