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Amrit Prajapati’s Post mortem

An Ex-Ashram aide of Saint Asaram Bapu- Vaidya Amrit Prajapati dies and as soon as the news is out, the impatient media as usual straightaway declares it as the death of a “” happened as “Sadhaks” shot him, highlighting as a “Dramatic and Brutal Turn” in Asaram Bapu Case.




Looking at this baseless interpretation by the paid media on Prajapati’s death, one point clicks in, how come this Media call any saint as the “Self Styled Godman” when it is itself acting as a “Self Styled Judge!”

Well, before moving on any further aspect, let us get the background picture of this so called “Key Witness” with his black deeds and criminal-fraud records:

  1. Amrit Prajapati was though way back living in Asaram Bapuji’s ashram serving as the Ayurveda Vaidya, found often misbehaving with innocent patients charging extra money from patients.
  2. He was warned to withdraw this behavior  by the Ashram Management several times but  when he did not control it, was cicked off from the Ashram finally.
  3. Humiliated and annoyed by this, while leaving ashram, he uttered  that ‘he will ruin Asaram Bapuji’s name and his organization.
  4. Soon after it, he started his own clinic distributing the advertisement handbills of the same outside the ashram to pull the patients.
  5. Later this, he with couple of other ‘blacklisted-suspended ashram aides’, started preparing plots against Bapuji and ashram, relating to which a fax too was sent to ashram asking a huge amount, else a threat of trapping Bapuji in a heinous sexual assault case and ruining entire organization in turn.
  6. Worth taking a note, Amrit Prajapati was the person who had presented his own wife wearing BURKAA in the court for putting fake allegations of rape on Asaram Bapuji which he himself confessed in the court and later sent jail too for the same!
  7. He was the man who kept on spreading rumors of black magic and children’s death in Gurukul, but proving which a sheer falsity; CBI gave CLEAN CHITS to Ashram against those allegations!
  8. Adding further, he was the Paid Media’s special guest who said, “Asaram Bapuji takes Opium and does its farming too at Panched, but all that crap was rolled into dust; by Bapuji’s doctor Neeta Vaidya stating,” if Bapuji takes opium why wasn’t that detected in Bapuji’s Blood test repot”?
  9. He blamed that he had seen Bapuji several times being with ladies in objectionable positions and has recordings and proofs too, but not a single proof was ever presented by him for the same.
  10. Not only this, he was a man being caught red handed in the recent past, possessing a filled pistol in Shri Narendra Modi’s public program entering with a fake name and ID! He was arrested and sent in custody too for this by the police.
  11. Aacharya Bholanand’s confession  
  12. Bholanand exposes the Names of the Paid Media and the Conspirators involved in Defaming Pujya Bapuji
  13. And last but not the least in this series- Bholanand’s confession and statements in Surat Sant Sammelan about Amrit Prajapati and his “gang” are the vital proofs of their strategy and plans ‘to shoot each other if in case any one of them is caught or seems betraying’ !  



Now the questions arise-

  • Why Media did not show the confession and facts revealed by Bholanand; who himself previously spoke on media channels as one of the “Key Witnesses” among all those who have been “raising voice” against Asaram Bapuji?
  • Police has not yet revealed any name taken by Amrit Prajapati for shooting him, still on what grounds are the media channels and famous news dailies declaring that, the attack was done by “Sadhaks” of Asaram Bapu?
  • On what proofs, can media claim Amrit Prajapati as the “Main Witness” ignoring all his black deeds and criminal records; when the honorable court itself has never certified that?
  • Now coming at the situation when he was shot in his clinic at Rajkot, the big question strikes, “when he was provided with a Body Guard by the police itself, why did he let him go along with rest of the staff for lunch? Couldn’t he have sent him after the staff was back?
  • Prajapati was given a discharge from the hospital few days back and due to some uneasiness he was readmitted 2 days back, then how does this prove that the death happened because he was shot?
  • Why media is so keen to give it a face of “Murder by Asaram Bapu’s sadhaks” when there is no proof of it yet?

There are many such points which apparently indicate the entire matter as totally manipulated and just another gimmick played by the conspirators to malign Asaram Bapuji and complicate the case more and more.


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