प्रार्थना, बापू के बच्चे नही रहते कच्चे, संत वाणी, सनातन संस्कृति, Bapuji

Bapuji climbs the barricade (Wall of Court Compound) to give darshan to disciples: 11th July, 2014 (Jodhpur)

The kindness of an innocent saint incarcerated in a “fake& bogus” assault case, who climbs up the barricade to give darshan to His numerous disciples.

India is well-known for its cultural values and high regard for saints and sages. On the occasion of full-moon day of Guru Purnima (also known as Vyas Purnima), thousands of devotees gather at the feet of their Sadguru (The “True Guru”) for attaining The Eternal Bliss, regardless of the castes & families that these great souls (Sadgurus) were born into. To quote some famous examples from history, Meera Bai, the Rajput princess, who was supposed to be the queen of Mewar (Rajasthan) went at the feet of Saint Raidas, who was a cobbler by profession (and was generally addressed as “Raidas Chamhaar”) to attain that “divine bliss”; Saint Kabir (generally addressed as Kabir Das ji) was a cloth-weaver by profession and till date there are lakhs of Kabir-Panthis following him, RamaKrishna Paramhamsa was a priest and had hardly been to school, but had numerous well-read disciples of rational mind, that included Swami Vivekananda, Dr. Nag Mahashaya and many scientists, philosophers, educationists and the likes .

In the present era, we have been blessed with many saints, of whom I am particularly talking about the one who is reported by print & electronic media as an “accused”, despite the truth being oblivious in this matter. I would like to bring to the kind notice of so called intellectual reporters and biased media personnel as to how a mob of hundreds of thousands is not controlled by the administration when the saint (allegedly reported as an accused), is charged with an assault case with a minor and no bail is granted, gather at the occasion of Guru Purnima near jail premises or court premises where their Guruji is inflicted in frivolous cases and the proceedings are still on and on…

They sit near the place adjacent to the jail or court, bow their heads, pray for Him, for His good health and release. They drop some tears, collect the particles of soil which is fragranced with His presence and become priceless and return homes with glow on their faces, with just a glimpse of their beloved Guruji.

Why is it so that this mob is not given any materialistic goods or favors as in the case of leaders? Nobody can buy their emotions and tread according to political interests. This crowd of devotees (satsangis) is selfless, self-disciplined, looking for His mere one glance and that’s all for them at this holy occasion of Guru Purnima. They pray every night, every morning with this only hope that He will be with them out of all burdens of court proceedings, and they will enjoy the nectar of His discourses (satsangs) once again…

With never say die attitude they gather near the Court every week, every fortnight, every month and despite being disappointed by the judiciary’s decision all the time, they wait again, they pray again, they sob silently, enchant name of the God and its glory in the said territories, keep patience; and are all still helpless at the occasion when they hear no good news from judiciary of His bail or release.

Their indwelling god personified as Guru in Saint Shri Asharam Bapuji realizes the pain of thousands of hearts and despite His morbidity, in His old age, He jumps like a child before His disciples on the wall, just to assure them that everything will be alright and that He will come soon. Have you ever heard a criminal consoling all his near and dear ones? A criminal begs for his release and whatever Bapuji says with his presence or by words releases one out of Birth and death circles.

These days even parents can’t be sure of their own child (ren) obeying them, but Bapuji’s numerous children (disciples) obey Him notwithstanding whatsoever criminal proceedings He is ensnared into. He is calm, composed and when he says that the Truth will triumph and the truth will come out soon, then all His disciples are forced to believe that He will come out soon.

The fact that a famous editor charged in a sexual assault case gets bail and Bapuji is still in jail, annoys millions of His devotees; but they calmly wait, as Bapuji has assured them that the truth will come out soon and they will wait until the conspirators are forced to believe that they were at fault to misunderstand Bapuji as an ordinary man. It takes no time for a saint like Bapuji who gave mantra to his inmates, who, on sincerely chanting it, were released on bail or acquitted as the case may be; to come out of jail having Himself proved as “innocent”. But He is still in jail for the reason that a number of innocents are trapped in fake cases and their lives are ruined in the lengthy judicial proceedings. It is high time when judiciary and legislature need to review the infrastructure of our system and check as to whether or not they are sufficiently equipped to prove innocent’s innocence or needs some improvisation.

No matter what judiciary decides upon, but Bapuji’s disciples will not abandon their hopes and He would never let them alone. One (Bapuji) who can stop or start rain in the present era where thousands of His intellectual and rational-minded disciples with scientific approach are evident of the incident, cannot be manipulated by conspirators’ tantrums and thus His disciples would go to Jodhpur until His release every month, every Purnima.

May God bless our judiciary and legislature enough to realize as to how to treat a saint and not to bother Him for so long and take initiative setting aside the fake, purchased evidence and prove His innocence soon so that Bapuji doesn’t have to jump and climb up a barricade in front of His devotees in a helpless manner to see His children at the occasion of Guru Purnima or any other Purnima for that matter.



3 thoughts on “Bapuji climbs the barricade (Wall of Court Compound) to give darshan to disciples: 11th July, 2014 (Jodhpur)

  1. Sab Guru Mahima hai…..Kabhi saakshaat darshan dete hain to kabhi sapno mein aur mauj aa jaye to court parisar ki diwar par chadhkar sadhkon ko darshan laabh de dete hain……….Dhanya hain hamare Gurudev aur hum sadhak jo aise gurudev ko paya…….


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