Salutations! O my Master (Guru Mahima)

Salutations! O my Master……………………

Holy is your company, sweeter than nectar.

Reveals truth, breaks off all shackle,

It happens unknowingly, is it not a miracle.

asharamji bapu,guru,hindu,sant mahima,vedic

All troubles and miseries, You keep at arm’s length,

Supreme is Your grace, gives us unparallel strength.

Amazing is Your voice, charming is Your compassion,

Rishi Prasad is Your Prasad, in form of publication.

And blessed are we, to behold You in human form,

Majestic is Your appearance, turns night into morn.

Bless us O Bapu, with thoughts of Your holy feet,

And bestow equanimity, in victory and in defeat.

Present are You always, before and after,

Unceasingly we sing, Salutations ! O my Master….


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