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Divide and Rule ? Part 1

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For quite some time a sinister plan has been in works to break up the unity of sadhaks by trying to turn them among themself. The ‘Divide and Rule’ policy used may seem (to some) to be successful to some extent in creating confusion,animosity and distrust between sanchalaks on one side and rest of the sadhaks on the other side. But what the conspirators did not count upon was that satsang given by bapuji has created such a mark in the hearts of the sadhaks that they were not swayed much by this. It did ‘rock the boat’ no doubt, but ‘their’ plan did not go as well as expected. Remember Bapuji always said that ;

Read क्या आश्रमवासी ही हमारे बापू को जेल में रखना चाहते है ?

Bapu ke bachche nahi rehte kachche . . .

fist fight

Conspirators want to see us behave like this amongst our self

In the recent past i saw an article somewhere (i am not reproducing it as i don’t want to give it any leverage) targeting Wani bhai a trusted sanchalak of bapuji . This trust can be fathomed by the amount of responsibilities given to him. I had on occasions the ‘good fortune’ to interact with him and found him to be a strong guru bhakt and an impeccable integrity even on occasions when bapuji scolded him for the shortcomings in his ‘departments’ he would take it all in his stride and most importantly understood it was his guru’s way of doing ‘ghadai‘ . Now to cast unsubstantiated allegations on such a person is to challenge Bapujis decision itself, dont you think ?

I have tried to give answers to this ‘allegations’ and as we would see by the end of this article most claims are bogus and ‘down right lies’ . In such a scenario should’nt there be a penalty on them for making such spurious claims which are strong enough to pit sadhaks against each other ? I ask you as to what steps you have taken to do suprachar and stop this kuprachar ?

Acche log sangathit nahi honge toh vidharmi log toh sanskruti ko todne ke liye baithe hi hain.

wani bhai letter

1)      On 10 July 2014 a group of people met Pujya Bapuji at the Sessions Court, bapuji instructed them to circulate a message that;

“The delay in my bail is happing primarily because of the strict provisions of the POCSO Act and not because of any miss handling on part of any ashram sanchalak”.

2)      It’s nothing but the conspirators plan to “Divide and Rule” the sadhaks. We have to be integrated. Some People are creating such an atmosphere to demolish the unity of Sadhaks, hence they are spreading such a false news. As you’ve heard that Pujya Shri has said;

घुसपैठियों से सावधान रहना”.

Listen to what Bapuji Has to say about the conspiracy afoot to break up sadhaks;

3)      You must be knowing fairly well by now that in POCSO Act there is no real possibility of Bail Unless you falsify it.

4)      Only after the bail in sessions and high court was rejected that the ashram applied in Supreme court that to along with objection over the age of girl. In the Supreme Court both this cases were tagged together.

5)      You have to know that the Supreme court did not reject Bapuji’s Bail Plea, instead it issued notice to Rajastan govt. and in the case of Ahmedabad we only withdrew it (after looking at current prevailing scenario) to apply in H’court.

6)      Where is the role of Wani bhai in handling the land matter? There are other people who deal with this.

7)      As for co-ordination with sadhaks what type of co-ordination are you expecting from Wani Bhai? Did he disregard any genuine request from any team? If a team comes with a concrete proposal I for one know that Wani bhai has passed it even taking the onus on himself to explain the requirement to Bapuji! You may know in the case of ADV. K T S Tulsi who is nominated him for that also he helped them financially and also helped in other legal matter financially without any objection.

8)      In the case of centralized Bank Account the sanstha was not started for business purpose its sole purpose was to spread the Bharatiya Sanatan Sanskriti , vedic gyan etc. So this sanstha has never given any importance to money, People who were getting benefits by attending Pujya shree’s satsangs have started to donate, we have opened the finance depart because to avoid the miss handling of sadhaks money, not collect and for banking purposes.

9)      Lets assume for a second that Wani bhai may’ve taken a wrong step, Is it proper on anybodies part to question his Loyalty towards Bapuji. If he was at fault at any time Bapuji would have instantly relieved him of all his positions!



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