Rape, rape, rape – that’s the watch-word now! Print media, electronic media and all available social media platforms seem to be flooded with the news of rape and sexual assaults.

There are various authorities and organizations who hold responsibility for the protection of women and girls;  Police, National Commission for Women (NCW), NGOs, Ministry of Women & Child Development; being a few to quote and the aforesaid are accompanied with various stringent provisions of law too;  but the number of such offences seems to be increasing day by day.

In Delhi itself, 463 cases of rape were registered in the year 2013, that too, within four and half months’ duration. The number of sexual offences’ related cases has increased by 6 times, whereas that of molestation cases has increased by 8 times than the previous year. The percentage of rape cases has increased by 158% only in Delhi. In most of the reported cases, relatives and the known family members have been found quite responsible for this.

The statistics of sexual offences committed in Delhi alone, by the victims’ known, are as under:-

1 exorcist,

178 friend(s) and lover(s)

115 neighbours

15 employers

10 fathers

09 Ex-husbands

02 fathers-in-law

02 step fathers

05 distant cousins

03 tenants

03 instructors

02 doctors

Rape is such a heinous crime and is committed by the same society that, on one hand, regards a girl or woman as deity, and on the other hand, treats her as a “sex object”.

As per Delhi police report, 4 out of 10 reported rape cases later on turn out to be “false”. Such false cases are filed either for vengeance, disagreement on the point of marriage after live-in relationship, in the matters of property, or to blemish in-laws to live separate from the couple. (Refer: timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/Tougher-rape-law-leading-to-increase-in-false-cases/articleshow/30807940.cms)

After Nirbhaya case, feminist Madhu Kishwar concluded that stringent laws may or might not provide justice, but police may certainly spin money in such cases and might also misuse the provisions of law in trapping innocents.

Additionally, even porn sites are responsible for crime related to women; the fact that is knowingly being ignored by the media and web world. Women are shown in sensual manner to increase TRP, to get advertisements or to increase print media’s circulation. Women are presented in a posture which increases lust in men, thus leading them to do whatever possible to get into a relationship with women, ultimately contributing to increase in the offences related to women.

After Nirbhaya’s case, it was thought that the number of such offences would come down, but it did not happen and the victims of such cases are known to have committed suicide in UP and Rajasthan. From December 15, 2012 to January 15, 2013; 706 cases of rape have been reported alone in Delhi. 680 cases were proved to be committed by relatives and known, while 26 were committed by strangers. Such is the situation when woman is worshipped as a deity in temples and people bow their heads before her and worship girls every Navratra.

Some Indian state-wise statistics for child rape cases are as under:-

MP – 9,465

Maharashtra – 6,868

Uttar Pradesh – 5,949

Andhra Pradesh -3,977

Chattisgarh -3,688

Delhi – 2,909

Rajasthan – 2,776

Haryana – 1,081

Karnataka – 719

Bihar – 519

Jharkhand – 218

As per news article in a well-read daily: ‘Daband Duniya’, a gang was arrested which was involved in registering false rape cases. Within 2 years, 10 false rape cases were filed by this gang. In this case, additional session court Justice Ms. Kamini granted bail to the alleged accused. Eminent jurists have shown concerns on the issue of misuse of provisions of law. In case of cine star Shiny Ahuja, his maid at the later stage of case, refused any incident of rape. As well quoted in one of the editorials of well- known news-paper: “False rape complaints have become fashionable now” (Refer link: firstpost.com/india/false-rape-complaints-fashionable-now-saamna-speaks-up-for-mumbai-cop-1646267.html).

The provisions of law, which were made stringent after Nirbhaya case, were used as a tool by the aforesaid gang and any possibility to ensnaring a Hindu saint: Shri Asharamji Bapu in a false rape case cannot be denied. There must be some investigation probe into the matter to take adequate measures for security of innocent and punishment for guilty unnecessarily harming reputation of innocent saint like him.

A saint, who initiated the celebration of “Parents’ worship day” in lieu of “Valentine’s Day” on February 14th every year, so as to control the number of rape cases; who promoted women strength by initiating Mahila Utthan Mandals for the elevation & up-liftment of women, is ensnared into such a false case is very unfortunate. If such saints remain in prisons, then the above-said ratio will increase and there would be no-one to stop such incidents. Some jurists have declared Delhi as rape capital and time is not far when India will become notorious of its being classified as a “Rape country”.

Before it could happen, we want our revered saints of India be treated with dignity and not humiliation, as we wish our nation becomes “ Vishwa Guru” (World leader) soon.




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