Are the decisions of Indian judiciary or administration really trustworthy?

Straight from the heart of a revered saint’s disciple

We feel proud being Indian nationals. We got freedom on Aug 17, 1947 and are indebted to our freedom fighters for what they did and sacrificed for attaining us Indians the “political liberty”. Later, our constitution was formed and we started celebrating Independence Day and Republic Day every year. A number of people are given awards on these occasions for their performances in various fields, be it for the act of bravery, regimes of social service, medicine, art, literature, defense, cinema Science or sports.

Whether these decisions to select a person from the aforesaid streams satiate the need of the nation in its progress or lack something in this regard, is an unanswered question.

Whoever is presented before us for his/her heroic deeds is taken as a hero and vice-versa. Frankly, this is just a “media propaganda” created or influenced by political minds.

Without twisting my words, I come to the point. A girl files a zero FIR in Delhi for some reason and the person on duty files a case of rape. The person against whom that FIR is lodged is not an ordinary one, but a revered saint who teaches and preaches not only by His words but actions too. He acts and applies in His life the lessons of celibacy, abstinence and has no attraction towards worldly pleasures; thus sticking to His own preaching.




Such a pious saint is caught up by Police personnel as ruthlessly as a culprit without him being given a chance to carry his worship material along; that too in the dark night when his devotees are praying & requesting and claiming of Him not being guilty of any such offence. A tale is concocted and a false case is lodged and charges are framed on the basis of false evidence. The case proceedings go on and on…

This is one year old story that I am talking about and the case is instituted against Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu. The court proceedings are delayed, denying justice every moment; thus indirectly attempting to shake the faith of millions of his disciples with questions in their eyes. A saint who deserves respect, dignity and honor, is deprived of all the basic amenities that even a normal person is supposed to avail; and that too at the age of 74, when He is suffering from a rare chronic disease “Trigeminal Neuralgia” (Refer:

Where are all the journalists who are unable to capture this Hero’s coverage? Where are all the media powerhouses that claim to cover the facts in their news bytes or articles? Where are all judiciary, administration, legislator, executor who assert to maintain the dignity of law and order? Where are the persons who yell for human rights? Can’t they dare to come out of their respective dens?



Instead of honoring a person who has transformed people and reformed their lives; thus showing a “true respect” for our culture, nation and values; these demons have ensnared Him into an absolutely fake  case of sexual assault and without any proof, have blamed Him of  his being pedophile, cultivating opium and selling liquor… One after another allegations have been leveled against him and yet He remains contended, with the very thought in his mind that :

Ilzaam lagaane waalon ne ilzaam lagaaye laakh magar teri saugaat samajh kar sar pe uthaaye jaate hain

That is, He considers all this is to be the Almighty’s wish and in a way, He is true, considering His spiritual, mental and intellectual stature.

But is what we are doing with such an adorable saint justified? Definitely not!

We have ignored the case in its entirety and have been waiting that judiciary will provide justice to his disciples. We expect from that judiciary, that has till date 3 lakh plus cases pending in Jaipur and Jodhpur benches, of which 50 cases are lis-pendens for 1st and 2nd appeals for more than 20-40 years. A civil suit related to property was instituted in the year 1937 before we got independence, which is still lis-pendens. This is the oldest ever undecided case (for 77 years) in Rajasthan, which is handled by the 5th generation of the parties in conflict.

So, what more can be expected of our judiciary in this particular scenario of Bapuji’s case, where, practically there is hardly any scope of improvement?

On the other hand, the lawyers’ strike has worsened the situation in disposal of case. For how long all his disciples and followers are going to wait in this matter?

Why are we still silent on this critical issue?




Where has our spirit of patriotism gone?  Where has our determination and urge for our Gurudev’s acquittal in this fabricated case, disappeared?

Who can deny His endeavors to make India as world spiritual leader?

How can we ignore the innocent disciples’ sentiments, who adore Him and reach the Jodhpur Central Jail on every hearing and every Poonam (full moon day)?

Right from the day He was caught up by the police to till date, His disciples left no stone unturned to prove and support his innocence.

Realistically and practically thinking, can one befool the whole society for a year, if in jail? Definitely Not! His disciples come from all sects & religions and all age groups; and thus have sufficient sense to understand the biased media’s role in his defamation.

It is the impact of His spiritual power that He predicted that India would win Kargil war without much harm. He chanted some mantra and made His disciples do the same to protect our nation during the war. Whether this “spiritual soldier” deserves imprisonment or an award is a question to be answered by judiciary when Independence Day’s celebrations are still reminiscent.

We pray to the God that may judiciary decide this matter judiciously and release the saint soon, without any delay, so as to gain the lost trust of Indian citizens in judiciary’s judgments.


Independence Awards


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