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When will ‘अच्छे दिन’ come . . . (One Whole Year has passed ! ! !)

An Unfortunate Anniversary of Heights of Injustice

It’s been a complete year today when a young woman alleged (on August 20, 2013) that revered Hindu Saint Shri Asharam Bapu sexually assaulted her.

Well, we have heard volumes about this highly controversial case throughout the year; when for the first time in the history of “Cases on Hindu Saints”, such a great contradiction has been observed.

ashram,asharamji bapu,asaramji,guru,om,hindu,court,conspiracy,jodhpur,supreme court,rape,bail,ॐ,हिन्दू,आश्रम,आशाराम,आसाराम,The contradiction is in terms of two sides!

Apparently, at one side it is the Media whereas on second side, there are Supporters!

So if one scans through the entire scene of this matter, it’s Media who is doing its job religiously from the day the FIR news came out, to prove Sant Asaram Bapu as Culprit; and on the other hand, there are supporters extending a massive support through conducting countrywide support-rallies, staging peaceful protests, holding sant sammelans, Rashtra Jagriti Yatra, Case-facts based DVDs and Print literature distribution etc.

Moreover, the support to the saint was not only observed in terms of these conventional modes but worth mentioning about a prominent and nonstop support on ‘Social Media’ too!

Yes, an educated mob of supporters has been registering a continual strong support on Social Media through Top Twitter Trends, Facebook posts, you tube videos and a part of web flooded with supporting websites, blogs, news articles, e-magazine, write ups and so on..

Adding to it, the supporters flock doesn’t only consist of the devotees of Sant Asaram Bapu but it includes several eminent names like Dr. Subramanian Swamy, VHP chief- Ashok Singhal, Uma Bhrati, Meenakshi Lekhi, filmstars – Govinda, Mukesh Khanna, Ex-ambassador of Nepal Dr. Shri Vishnu Hari, Swamy Nithyananda, Famous Lawyer Ram Jethmalani ,Dhananjay Desai and many more including thousands of saints from the National Saints Community too. (read here)

So, one thing for sure in this matter that Asaram Bapu case stands among the most controversial and hence amongst most widely discussed cases.

Well, on the analytical grounds, when a matter has prominent contradictions having both sides sustaining their stands, it becomes fully competent of being “True” as claimed by either of the sides!

Fine, let us look towards the further part of the story but in order to see the facts with bare eyes, the foremost things required are, we need to be unbiased and unprejudiced, right?

Let us throw a flash upon some very important aspects in this case:

  • The girl alleging of an assault on Asaram Bapu, hails from Shahjahanpur (UP), said she was assaulted by the saint at Jodhpur (Rajasthan) on August 16th, and she lodged a zero FIR for this at Kamalanagar Police Station- Delhi, on 20th August; that too at Mid Night!!

(Wow! Filmy, isn’t it?)

Okay, next-

  • The girl alleges of Sexual Assault, NOT RAPE, hence no mention of Section-376 (An IPC section meant for Rape) in the FIR, but the very moment leading Media Channels like Aaj Tak, ABP News, India TV News and the entire’gang’ started ranting – Rape! Rape! Rape!!

Not enough of this, they reported:

“Rape has been confirmed in the medical report”!

But thrashing this out, Jodhpur DCP Ajay Pal Lamba clearly gave a statement that “there isn’t any mention of Section-376 in the FIR hence there is NO RAPE CHARGE” !

DCP Lamba Jodhpur asaram bapu

Just look back for a moment to where the media kept yelling of Rape and its confirmation too!

Have a look what Jodhpur DCP said-

Great! Oh! Media you are!!

Okay next please,

  • Dr.Shailaja, Gynecologist and the Medical Examiner of girl gave statement in the court that; girl’s hymen was found intact and there were no signs of force, struggle or scratch on girl’s body.
  • Considering girl (as claimed by her) a minor, a weirdly defined act called POCSO (Protection of Children against Sexual Offence) has been applied on Asaram Bapu which is basically a NON BAILABLE ACT !
  • Contradicting to this biggest loophole in this case, a proof of girl’s age, showing her a MAJOR (Above 18 years) has already been found through her School Certificates, LIC docs and the report obtained from the Principal of the school where she studied her primary classes.

ashram,asharam bapu,asaram ji,guru,om,conspiracy,pocso,suprachar sewa,rally,kirtan yatra,आश्रम,आशाराम बापू,आसाराम जी,सुप्रचार,कीर्तन यात्रा ,

Now for a moment, I am keeping aside the hopeless and sheer manipulated role of Media against the facts in this entire case and would throw some light on our Judiciary!

Referring to this case in particular, it seems the Judicial System of world’s largest Democracy has started terribly losing its vision to see the truth, intellect to judge the facts, wisdom to remain unbiased and above all,

Its DUTY to do JUSTICE!!

These words sound rebellion, don’t they? They better be!!

Because this substandard role of Indian Judicial system in Sant Asaram Bapu case is now becoming responsible for the rising agitation among the millions of supporters who are maintaining their calm and patience just because they don’t want to lose their faith on the Judiciary.

Because they don’t want to even think on the lines which are out of the laws and order.

Because they believe on the power of Truth and the tag line of Indian Judicial System- “SATYA MEVA JAYATE

But is the Indian Judiciary doing its job fairly??

If the answer is yes then ;

  • Why facts like False Rape charges, third degree torture to the aide Shiva, propaganda of obscene CD of Asaram Bapu, forcing Shiva and Shilpi (Chhindwara Gurukul warden where girl studied) to sign on blank papers while being in remand and several alike have been totally ignored?
  • Why Girl’s age matter is not being given any serious attention? Why proofs stating her as a MAJOR are being ignored? On 19th August, there was a hearing in the Supreme Court upon the same issue but after listening to half of the things, the next hearing date was straightaway declared on 23rd September!!
  • Why can’t the case be proceeded fast when there is no single evidence against Asaram Bapu proved yet in the huge period of one year and on the contrary; this side has the strongest proof to remove POCSO from the case which is playing the BIGGEST HURDLE in terms of the Bail!
  • This 75 years Saint is suffering from an extremely painful ailment called Trigeminal Neuralgia, but the irony is, even the appeal for getting a treatment for it gets the “DATE” after 30 days, 40 days, 50 days!!! Why??
  • What mountain like things does our Judiciary have to think on giving this Basic HUMAN RIGHT?
  • Finally yesterday, after 40-50 days, Honorable Supreme Court has ordered to form a ‘Medical Board’ for this purpose; but now God knows when will the board be formed, when will the ‘Legal Procedures’ be completed and when will a senior citizen and a saint of India be privileged of getting the treatment??
  • At Jodhpur court, the cross examination has been started but past several hearing dates have just ‘Passed Away’ without happening anything because of the “Strike of the Advocates”!
  • Many times the judge gets transferred or the “Date” is simply given stating- ‘new judge is yet to take the charge, so proceeding cannot happen’!!

What the hell! What rubbish! How Disgusting!!

Watch video showing ‘other side’ of the story

Is this the way our ‘Nyaaymandirs’ (temple of Justice) are supposed to work?

Why this intensely lethargic and sluggish performance by our Judiciary like a child of borderline IQ??

Okay, whatsoever are the reasons on the name of “Legal System”, but ultimately who is responsible for the rigorous and painful imprisonment of an innocent saint? Who will answer this??

Of course, the truth is with Saint Asaram Bapu and it is bound to prevail one day, but what about the punishment which is being given by our System to an innocent Saint of the highest order who represented Hindu Dharma in the ‘Parliament of World Religions’ held in 1993 at Chicago, who was unanimously appointed as the President of ‘Dharma Raksha Manch’ by all akharas and many Acharyas of Hindu Dharma, who dedicated his whole life for uplift of people of all classes of India ranging from the most gullible and illiterate tribals to the most intelligent members of our society like scientists, business tycoons, magistrates, doctors, engineers, professors, IAS officers, advocates, whose blessings have been received by four Prime Ministers of India, more than a dozen Chief Ministers of different states, scores of ministers and more than a hundred MPs and MLAs, till then?

What about the throbbing period of imprisonment which is hurting millions of hearts as they know the case is a sheer falsity, yet their Guru has to suffer in front of their eyes!

It is indeed a sad and unfortunate anniversary of witnessing a terrible downfall of justice in Indian judicial system, open violation of human rights, apparent shattering of Hindutva and a dirty picture of the pseudo democracy.

Unfortunate but True that a common citizen’s faith on the judicial system, media and government has started getting lean through such matters, isn’t that a failure for a country’s system?

If one can perceive the matter being unbiased, supporters of Saint Asaram Bapu are not asking for any “favor” but they are just demanding for a “Fair Probe and a Speedy Proceeding” so that a ruthless fate to an innocent can be stopped!

“Itna right to banta hai na har Hindustani ka, ki vo ek Nishpaksh Jaanch ki maang kar sake?”

The growing agitation among a big part of the population demands our Government and Judicial system to get aware with the facts, be unbiased and be fair in their duty! Millions of Hindus and supporters of Saint Asaram Bapu ask these questions:

When will Achhe Din Come?

When will Nyaaymandir stop doing Anyaay??

When will Judicial System behave as Justified??

When will the Hindutvawadi Sarkar start working for the protection of the innocent Hindu Saints from the oppression inflicted by the ousted Anti-Hindu Government?

We Want Answer Your Honour!!

Addressed to the Honourable Prime Minister Of India- Shri Narendra Modi

Date: August 20, 2014.

*(p.s. Media in this write up refers to the ‘Paid Media’- both Electronic as well as Print)


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