Social Media

20 Ways to Compose a Tweet

  1. Place your comments before the headline or retweet
  2. Place your comments after the headline or retweet
  3. “Commentary –> tweet”
  4. “Commentary + tweet”
  5. “Commentary > tweet”
  6. “Commentary :: tweet”
  7. “Commentary – tweet”
  8. “Tweet [commentary]” (example below)
  9. “Commentary || tweet”
  10. Place hashtags inside the tweet
  11. Place hashtags outside the tweet, at the end
  12. Attribution after “via”
  13. Attribution after “by”
  14. Acknowledge others with an “HT” (stands for hat tip)
  15. Manually retweet with an RT (stands for retweet)
  16. Manually retweet with an MT (stands for modified tweet)
  17. Insert hard returns so your tweet appears on multiple lines (example below)
  18. Title case for capitalization
  19. Sentence case for capitalization
  20. All lowercase
  21. Use custom shortening URL (e.g., for KISSmetrics)
  22. Use the full URL (Twitter will truncate around the 30-character mark)

Same as with Facebook, you can combine multiple different elements to create a custom tweet. You may have noticed there is some crossover in ideas between Twitter and Facebook (you’ll find the same throughout the rest of the post, too).

We’ve been experimenting with “Commentary –> tweet” and tweets with multiple lines. What might you try?

Examples of creative tweets

 “Tweet [commentary]” 

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 2.33.09 PM





Multiple lines

tweet multiple lines

Use the full URL




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