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Pareeksha Times 2013-2014, 365 days crossed!

1 year of continual pain has its anniversary today, one of the cruelest acts in mankind’s history when The Innocents went in Jail and Criminals earned fame, money, compassion, and sympathy. Phew!

It had happened in world certain times due to rise of materialistically greedy beings in power but this time we the people who used to listen stories of such episodes in past did witness in present.

A revolutionary chronicle with numerous protests and political turning points prolongs.

During a year, Paid news channels made wonderful TRP’s, Ignorant flooded social media posts, all on name of Holy Sant Pujya AsharamJi Bapu. Anyways, whatever abuses were/are targeted on innocent Saint and his followers is a history than and stupidity now.

BUT wait Justice is still awaited, the question is not about who is innocent, a sensible shall seek the decision from court. But how many have yet learnt to be responsible in preserving and knowing Dharma.

Media has surely lost its credibility in last few years from wise intuitive minds but that does not suffice the punishment they deserve for attacking the pious culture of India in many ways.

It’s been a year; possibly few Sadhaks manage to visit Jodhpur central jail to have a glimpse of Saint. Although his divine glimpse makes one completely ecstatic  but the hurt of knowing that Bapu as sanctified human being and soul who showed spiritual path to infinite people suffered so much remains in every thought.

Recently a disciple went in Jail to talk to Bapuji  –

Translating few of his words-

Sadhak – Each one of us is worried about when you would come, when will Truth Win? It’s been 11 months; no justice yet, everyone is waiting eagerly Bapu !

Bapuji (with divine Smile) — Do you consider me this body or Brahm ?

Sadhak (Sadhak who observe Guru as Shiva ) – Brahm

Bapuji – Then why you need to worry, this body is in Jail, Brahm Parmatma is everywhere. ‘I’ am always with you.

Sadhak with tears in eyes bowed down to his feet.

Another day, I heard an old Aunt praying in front of Vyaspeeth Haridwar Ashram –

“Gurudev, Kindly listen to our prayers, do come now. You always protect us from the agonies of world but we need your Satsang and Darshan. Aap Jail mei nahi , hum Jail mei hai jo apke darshan nai kar paa rahe hai. Please come Bapu ! ”

The prayer and her words were honest; she exactly meant what everyone has been experiencing since a year.

31st August was reserved as Injustice day (Anyay Diwas) on account of 365 days of unjustified penalty Bapuji and his millions of disciples are suffering.

20,000 women on street , with saffron caps on their head  and black ribbons tied on arms ran a Peaceful protest rally from Rajghat to Jantar Mantar Delhi.

anyay din-2

Thousands of devotees gathered at Jantar mantar underneath the heavy rains. A Live Example of Naari Shakti (as Bapuji rightly says- Naari Tu Narayani) standing for protection of their pious culture and righteous saints.

anyay din-3

The massive rally proved the sensibility and power Indians owe to their experiences rather than relying on extra media which runs nonsense customary paid defamation coverage’s on Hindu saints.


 anyay din


Sudarshan News along with other popular channels covered the voice of thousands.

anyay din - 4

“It has been one full year since the day Pujya Bapuji was taken on the pretext of enquiry.

When will Bapuji get bail?


Suresh Chavhanke, chief editor of Sudarshan News asked today-


anyay din 5


“Pujya Bapuji despite his 75 years of age and medical condition has not been granted bail for one year when the maximum punishment of the alleged crime is 3 years maximum. Panels have been set up due to submit report about medical condition. The natural question that arises is why the panel could not have been set up earlier and why the Government is taking so long to submit report.”


This was also the sentiment as reported in the rally as well as in the phone calls of audience viewers Sudarshan News.”


I got goosebumps on watching this coverage.

MUST WATCH – Sudarshan News Bindas Bol Special Episode on Bapu Ji




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