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How true! I myself experienced the same last week when I went for one of the Suprachar Abhiyan (Truth-awareness campaign) for my Satguru Pujya Asharam Bapuji.

First, let me introduce you to Rishi Prasad Suprachar Sewa Mandal (RPSSM), Delhi. This team was formed after the paid news channels erupted in baseless defamation of the pious and innocent saint Sant Shri Asharam Bapuji. To combat the filth of hatred spread by the anchors of these paid news channels and to make the general public aware of the facts and conspiracy behind this fake case, RPSSM keeps conducting numerous Prabhat Pheris, Dharna Pradarshans, door-to-door Suprachar Abhiyans, Havans, Satsangs and many more such noble activities. All sadhaks from Delhi and NCR are welcome to join the campaigns. Find contact details at end of the blog.

It was the evening of Saturday, Like every week, a Suprachar Abhiyan was organized by RPSSM, Delhi. The message for the same was conveyed two days prior to everyone. Filled with the vigor to spread the light of truth to the general masses, I performed my daily prayer, gained divine strength and got ready for the venture.

The venue decided to conduct the campaign was Kohat Enclave, a considerably busy market place in North-West Delhi where significant amount of crowd can be spotted during evening hours. I reached Kohat Enclave Metro Station with my father at 6.30 p.m. The RPSSM team from ashram had already arrived. The placards conveying the message of Truth; the literature – SatyaMev Jayate booklets, Rishi Prasad magazines, Sach DVDs, pamphlets; and one portable speaker blaring the voice of Truth were all in place. There were around 12 sadhaks – 4-5 young people, 4-5 middle-aged people and 3 senior citizens (the biggest source of inspiration for us).

By 6.45 p.m., almost everyone had gathered. It was time to embark upon the divine journey. Led by Vishal bhai, one of the senior members from Karol Bagh RPSSM, in the backdrop of beautiful sunset, we gathered in a circle and chanted Guru Prarthana.

It filled us all with a sense of immense strength and pride for the next 2 hours. The inhibitions were gone, the mind was at peace and just one feeling gripped us all – to declare to the world that Asharam Bapuji is being framed!

We all wore the orange caps (with message- Bapuji Nirdosh Hain), carried the sling bags containing the literature and the young people held the placards. One of the sadhaks hanged the portable speaker over his shoulder and we set off.

As we set along, the experience that unfolded was simply amazing. We were distributing the pamphlets to almost everyone – the shopkeepers, the guards of showrooms, the people going for an evening stroll, students going to coaching classes, the literate rickshaw-walas and auto-walas, people sitting inside the autos, EVERYONE! To those who were showing more keenness in knowing the Truth, we were giving the SatyaMev Jayate booklet or Rishi Prasad.

The decided route was to walk alongside the main road towards Madhuban Chowk – the busiest crossing in North Delhi. Our caps, the placards and the blaring speaker were enough to catch attention of all the passer-bys. We stopped only to hand over the literature to all or to explain case reality to those who enquired. Else, we kept marching towards Madhuban Chowk.

Walking in full public view, conveying the Truth, was no easy task though. It required real effort and will-power to explain the Truth to some of the stubborn people who had been brain-washed by the nuisance shown by media channels and also hear the negative remarks of a few indifferent people. However, unaffected by these, we trudged along, as the guiding light of Guru’s grace was very much alight in us! And our purpose was to spread the message to maximum public at large.

Till now, I didn’t come in direct contact with anyone who wished to enquire about the Truth. When we reached Madhuban Chowk, we decided to take a halt. We stood there holding the placards and distributing literature to people coming out of and going into Pitampura Metro Station. Also we handed it over to those stopping over at the red light. It was then that two people – one middle-aged uncle and a college student – walked up to me to directly know the Truth. I began by explaining to them about the conspiracy and how Bapuji is being framed by the missionaries. After a significant amount of time, somewhat convinced, the uncle asked me – where were you guys since the last one year when all this started? I simply replied – ‘sir, we have been protesting since the first day. But paid media will never show this to you. And not just Delhi, such campaigns are being organized world-wide! That’s why we had to come over to you to tell the Truth. Delhi being a big city, it took some time to reach you.’ Now, the man was convinced about the case reality; he grinned and respectfully took away the Rishi Prasad handed over to him by one of the sadhaks and promised to read it up completely. Looking at his reaction, I was satisfied that yes – if I am able to convey the truth completely to atleast one misguided soul today, I have rendered service (sewa) to my Satguru. I have paid back somehow to the infinite blessings my Satguru has showered upon me till now!

After half an hour, we crossed the road and started walking back towards Kohat Enclave Metro Station, performing the same activities of distributing literature and verbally putting across our message. At 8.30 p.m., we reached back to the point where we began. The team from ashram collected all the material they had brought along. We once again performed the prayers. After all, it was no less than a Havan! Throughout the endeavor, we guys didn’t talk among ourselves. Neither did we now. We were simply looking at each other and smiling, gripped with a sense of satisfaction that today, the 12 of us, have ignited the light of Truth into over a 1000 people! And if atleast 100 of them wisely analyze what we told, our purpose is met. The world will no longer be a shrewd place.

That night, I slept with a charged-up soul, smiling back at the photo of my Satguru, into the world of peace and contentment.

  1. S.: I urge all the sadhaks from Delhi and NCR to come out of their homes and be a part of these campaigns at least on weekends. Your Satguru has always blessed you with divine wealth and is still doing that now. Its time to reciprocate- an iota of it at least. Step out. Make the voice of Truth stronger, louder… Hari Omma..!

To check for updates about such upcoming campaigns in Delhi, kindly contact:

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FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rishi-Prasad/163068247151562


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