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सूर्य करे है दिन मे उजाला, चाँद करे है रात मे, जोगी करे है नित्य उजाला सतत सभी के हृदय मे ………. is always bringing you interesting content related to spirituality, wellness, health, self-improvement, philosophy, faith, rituals and the truth about Sant Shri Ashramji Bapu.


It is well known that none of the Self Realized saints were ever untouched by defamation .

Asharam Bapu is undoubtedly THE greatest saint of 21st century .With over 40 Years of Selfess Service, Over 425 Ashrams, more than 1400 Samitis and 17000+ Balsanskars, 50+ Gurukuls, atleast 60 Millions of Sadhaks,Devotees & Followers.

Apart from the above mentioned facts Asharam Bapu is a hardcore Deshbhakta & Nationalist . And is the force to reckon with .His literature apart from guiding the spiritual aspirant to the highest level of consciousness, also addresses a wide field from health to peaceful family life to correct lifestyle among others.The children at Balsankars & of sadhak families are taught from childhood to respect the motherland , to be proud of their rich culture & heritage , to be a proud Hindu .


Sant Asaram Bapu got more than 8 Lakh Rakhies in Jodhpur.  Something unbelievable & first time in the history of India when any saint on whom someone has put the allegation of sexual assault is trusted by millions of women’s of India & has been fully supported with such an incredible support in form of  around 8 Lakh Rakhies this year. What does this mean??


This incredible support & fan following has raised lot many questions now on the judicial system which has allowed any person to be arrested & imprisoned just on the basis of an UNPROVEN allegation of rape or sexual harassment.

It was Homi Bhabha’s vision that Indians will go for Thorium Nuclear reactors, considering that we have the world’s best Thorium reserves, in the Monazite sands of Kerala. Thorium has 150 times more power than Uranium, and does NOT run the risk of meltdown or explosion.

Our president Abdul Kalam had told on national television years back that India must develop Thorium based nuclear reactors. Thorium contains 150 times more energy than Uranium and is the MOST efficient combustible .

India is world’s No 1 in Thorium nuclear reactor R&D, ahead of USA, Russia and China.  Thorium is safe and not prone to runaway reactions, and its waste products remain dangerous for a shorter period..Thorium is the energy for the future and everybody knows India’s potential in this field.

The contract for SethuSamudran would be given to a american company who under the garb of dredging would take away all the sand to US. Thus keeping the land at the mercy of nature besides desytroying the rich biodiversity . It was because of Shri Ram Setu that areas beyond Tamil Nadu were protected




As per data 1989 data churches spend more than $145 Billion dollars, command 4 Million full time workers, run 13,000 libraries, publish 22,000 periodicals & four billion tracts a year, operate 1,890 radio & TV stations. There are a quarter million foreign Missionaries , over 4500 institutions to train them especially to convert 80 Million Hindu population of India specially, But Hindu saints are the biggest obstacles in their way who take forefront stand against these missionaries,

Alone Sant Asaram bapu has banned out 100’s of missionary groups from the states like Rajasthan, Ahmadabad, Gujarat etc, Big question is, Is it because of this these saints are being continuously framed & targeted into false allegations so that they could be neutralized & missionaries could get their clean path to accomplish their objective of religious conversions in India.

Reportedly, Till year 2005 the number of conversions recorded were more than 8,25,000 in India, Now is 2014 & count has crossed 25,42,000
conversions in India, out of which 95% of converts were found belong to very much below the poverty line & from extremely poor background.

Recently the statement comming out from Shiva (deciple of Sant Asaram Bapu) that “I have been beaten, tortured to give false statement against Sant Asaram ji Bapu” clearly indicates that there is some conspiracy going on big scale to target Hindu religion.


Never bowed down to Desh-Drohi Foreign Funded Media


This has also raised the question against the biased role played by News Channels for deliberately propagating the false information of rape in order to break faith of Millions in India & outside India, not just in Sants but in Hinduism also. Question arises, Why Media did trials & created lots of defaming for this Sant when there was nothing in proof but just an allegation?? Was it necessary to give personal judgments before Court of Law could have given their judgements??

Many saints like Nityananda, Jayendra Saraswati, Sant Asaram Bapu were maligned with fake allegations is this to accomplish the goal of 100 Million Hindu Converts declared by “Reverend Pat Robertson” in Dallas Christian Conclave in Oct 2005? & Worldwide goal of 1 Billion declared in same conclave to make up for losses in Europe?

Destroyed Xian Proselytization in Tribals Belts of India



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