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The term “Self Styled Godman” is a media generated term

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Mr. Sinha one of Bapuji’s Followers Says, ” Try to keep the shit that media has provided to you outside your head while reading this. I am not asking you to favor Asaramji Bapu. All I am trying to say is, what the media says may not be always true. To me, it seems more of a defamation campaign by the media against him.

The term “Self Styled Godman” is a media generated term. He never claimed to be one. He has always been a saint. And he has always spoken of the Hindu ways to attain spiritual enlightenment.

‘Divine Inspiration’ – a revised edition of ‘The Secret of Eternal Youth’ which has been greatly appreciated and widely read by millions of people in its Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya and Kannada editions. Up until now, millions of people have seen their degenerated lives touching lofty spiritual heights after coming into contact with Pujyashree, and by following the time-tested yogic techniques and other experiments for protecting one’s vigour and virility, as propagated by Him. The dejected youth of today who suffer from dreaded diseases such as loss of semen and wet dreams, have found a great support in the invigorating and experiential words of Pujyashree, and in His divine guidance.

Today’s luxurious life which is making its way through a dangerous environment of lust and vulgarity steals away the vigour and the lustre of the society. And it is here that the vivifying guidance of a great personage like Pujyashree becomes all the more imperative for the protection of youth’s vigour in the society today. Pujyashree has time and again referred to this pressing problem, and has given infallible remedies for the same in His various satsang discourses. We have made a humble effort to compile these references and remedies to produce this handy book for the benefit of the readers. This book has been designed to fulfil the requirements of every segment and section of society. Be the person a man or a woman, a householder or an ascetic, a student or even an old man, everyone would find this booklet extremely helpful in one’s life. This book abounds in ideas and suggestions regarding how to mould one’s life-style in order to have a propitious touch of divinity and everlasting youthful vigour. And the most remarkable fact about this book is that it contains the dynamic experiential words of Pujyashree, Who is Himself an accomplished yogi and very well acquainted with the different experiments of yoga. And the very fact simply multiplies the influence that this book has on its readers.

“Divine Inspiration” amply illuminates the path of protecting one’s youthful vigour, and opens the doorway to a divine life. Do utilize this book to your full benefit, and don’t forget to earn merits by distributing it among others for them to benefit from it as well.

Mr. Sahu one of His followers says, “Pujniya Asaramji Bapu is the father of god. On behalf of 8 crore followers “Hume Garv Hai Ki Hum Bapuji Ke Shishya Hai Or Bapuji Hamare Pita Parmeshwar Hai”

Mr. Patel one of His followers says regarding the term “Self Styled Godman” :  “Just try to understand the Hindu sentiment. Did Sai Baba (Shirdi) ever proclaim that he was a Godman? The answer is No. Yet, we have millions of people who worship him. Had he been alive, then out media would not hesitate to call him a “self-styled-godman” for the sake of TRP. We Hindus, traditionally treat a person as God if he shows the path of spirituality and has done lots of good deeds. It is the same way here. People worship him as God! He never claimed to be a Godman. And to have a following of 8 crore Hindus in a country of 80 crore Hindus is a big deal!”




One thought on “The term “Self Styled Godman” is a media generated term

  1. The philanthropic deeds of Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu cannot be forgotten, as he is somebody who has been consistently serving the humanity for decades; while conspirators have been framing stories one after another to defame him and his ashrams in various frivolous cases like land encroachment, death of children in Gurukul, woman molestation, liquor selling, drugs supply, illegal armaments, hidden treasures etc etc. All these fake allegations are presented in such a way that a saint appears as a terrorist and someone un-wanted in public opinion. This is an attack on our culture while nobody, as responsible Indian citizens, seem to take it seriously. Instead, a doubt is created and people of un-formed opinions again start following modernism and Western culture, bypassing their own dignity and glory of the culture.


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