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Draft-Importance of Videos in Social Media Marketing

With online videos becoming an indispensable ingredient in social media marketing, it is an interesting question to ponder. The online space is tricky, with every company spending their efforts on creating content for their user’s consumption and attention, the competition is too much to handle. We are on the verge of discerning to the fact that video is the future of social media marketing and a video campaign can simply take the market by storm.

Online video marketing

Videos build enthusiasm and are absolutely contagious. The rise of online videos on all social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  serves as an evidence for it.

Why video content? – Because videos are everywhere

Our brains love visual content. Videos can inspire audience in a unique way that a text cannot. If we see the virality of content on the web, videos always score more with no close competition from pictures and text. The catchy nature of the content makes it shareable. To connect with your audience and give them the best information in the simplest way possible, there is no other better option than a video content.

With the surge in the usage of mobile phones and tablets to consume content on the go, video content has gained a lot of audience. A video can explain your business in 1 minute or demonstrate a product’s features in  1 hour. Videos are multipurpose – A video can take many forms like an explainer video, a pitch for the venture capitalists, a presentation tool or a series of videos for your social media campaign.


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