Achyutaya Product

अच्युताय सुवर्णप्राश टेबलेट


सुवर्ण भस्म से पुष्य नक्षत्र में बनाई यह पुण्यदायी गोली आयु,शक्ति,मेधा,बुद्धि,कांति व जठराग्निवर्धक तथा ग्रहबाधा निवारक, उत्तम गर्भपोषक है ।गर्भवती स्त्री इसका सेवन करके निरोगी,तेजस्वी ,मेधावी संतती को जन्म दे सकती है ।
Suvarna Prash Tablet: Benefits :- This Suvarnaprash (complete brain tonic) is enriched with pure gold & keshar is best tonic for the intellectual, mental & physical growth of body. When use daily from the first day of life to 2 yr. of age child becomes shrutidhar (highest grasping power), healthy and becomes immune to commen childhood illnesses. Also after 2 yr. of age improves all three aspect of memory(grasping, storage & recollection), physical strength, glow, immunity power in children & in other age groups. Prevent age related degenerative CNS disorders viz. alzheimer’s disease, parkinsonism etc. When use by pregnant lady specifically from 3rd to 9th month helps in development of brain & other part of body, prevents congenital malformation in fetus and also maintain health of mother. She will have a medhavi, Tejasvi & healthy baby.
Direction For Use :- 1st day of life to 15 days – 1/8 tab.  Once a day. 15 days to 3 month – ¼ tab.    Once a day. 3 month to 6 month – ½ tab.     Once a day. 6 month to 2 yr. – 1 tab.        Once a day. 2 yr. to 5 yr. – 1 tab.       Twice a day. ≥ 5 yr. – 2 tab.      Twice a day. With cow’s milk / ghee on empty stomach OR as directed by physician.
Main Ingredients :- Suvarna Bhasma, Saffron(keshar), Suvarna makshika Bhasma, Acorus Calamus(Vacha) & other medicine that act as a brain tonic.

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