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The true knowledge of the Creation is obstructed by perverse notions like considering the unpropitious women etc. as propitious, the false world as true, and the true atman as false and so on.

Fire is free from attachment and hatred. One, who goes near it, gets its warmth, others don’t. If the mind is afflicted with attachment and hatred, God does not manifest Himself therein

One, who is not equipped with detachment and faith, cannot be calm and collected, merely by renouncing action. As the careless, extrovert and animal-natured people are happy in conflicts and quarrels, similarly Ascetics too are seen to be engaged in evil deeds. Therefore yoga of selfless action is better than renunciation of action sans attachment. Asceticism, without detachment, faith and due reflection on the true nature of God, does not lead to God-realization.

The mirage water does not dry up in degree. Similarly, illusion too is not destroyed in phases. Mirage water is no more as soon as we know its true nature.

All things of the world are changing, are running towards the past; and you want; and you want to keep them ever present. This is the root cause of all your troubles.

Even in spite of yourself being sentient, you refuse to let go the non-sentient world. You are actually the beholder, but unfortunately, you consider yourself to be part of the scene.

When you aspire lie, ‘I must get such and such thing, or what I possess should never deteriorate; only then I shall be happy’, you are, in effect, trying to create a bondage for your sentient nature.

On the path of sadhana, in the pursuit of the Supreme goal, identification of oneself with the body, attachment with the body is a Gordian knot. Without cutting this knot, without crossing the quagmire of delusion, no aspirant can attain accomplishment. An aspirant is unable to cut this knot without the grace of the Sadguru.

Vedanta does not say, ‘Know yourself.’ Everyone knows oneself. Someone knows oneself to be poor and tries to be rich. Another one knows oneself to be sick and wants to be healthy. Someone knows oneself to be short and exercises to grow taller. Someone knows oneself to be dark complexioned and tries various remedies to become fair.

No, Vedanta does not say that. Vedanta says: ‘know yourself to be God.’ The root cause of misfortune in life is not general ignorance, but ignorance about the all important fact of one being God oneself. There is not much of gain or loss from the knowledge or ignorance of the body or the worldly affairs; but there is enormous loss from the ignorance of one’s inherent Divinity, and its knowledge is equally rewarding.





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