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Sensational U -Turn In Surat Case!


Power Of Truth!

Faith Always Wins!

Few Months ago,entire nation was fooled by the paid media’s sensational their own cooked stories.They kept their work as like of prostitute regardless of acquainting nation with the truth, paid channels kept theirselves in fooling the nation and playing with the sentiments of hindus. But today “Truth prevails itself.”

The Girl who had lodged fake F.i.r on pujya asaramji bapuji and pujya narayan saijii now want to withdraw her fake case from bapuji and saijii,as her conscience ask her to do this. Furthermore she said somebody asked her to put fake allegations on pujya bapuji and asaramji bapuji is totally innocent.

She  told that there is  no pressure from asaramji bapuji and nor from his followers. She also said that,she is not missing, she is alright and she fearlessly telling the truth to the entire nation.Will self-styled judement channels will apply for apology to asaramji bapuji for defaming him only for the sake of money?Will paid channels will tell the nation that they fool them?

A well said proverb: “Truth can never ever be hide for so much long time , it will rise, it will win.”

Jai Hind!







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