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14th February Parents Worship Day: Inspired By Pujya Asaramji Bapu.

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India is a Land where lord incarnate in the form of sage and saint;then they took the holy shrine of beloved satguru.India is also known as the land of “Guru-Shishya” heritage. Earlier people meet with each other by saying the divine words like “ram-ram” greet each other with the pious name of lord rama, elevate their spiritual journey ,but as the time changes their interaction pattern also changes.

14th February is popularly known as ‘Valentine’s Day’. Adolescent girls and boys express their love for each other by exchanging flowers and gifts as a token of love on this day. Most of the times, these adolescents indulge in immoral acts under the pretext of ‘Valentine’s Day’. Valentine day ruins the morality of the childrens and census report have shown that more than 50% of the girls every year in the western countries gone for abortion. Today we are blindly following the western culture under the name of ‘Valentine’s Day’. The young students of schools and colleges are falling prey to such culture and express their love to each other by way of exchanging greeting cards. But actually speaking it is not love but a mere attraction to the opposite sex at a tender and immature age. when the hindu saints like H.H. Asaramji Bapuji came to know the destructible effects of this day on the youth. Asaramji Bapuji take another step to save the cultural-heritage of eternal sanskriti.Bapuji suggests all the individuals irrespective of their caste,color and creed to celebrate 14th February as “Parents worship day” because according to bapuji love is pure,innocent,selfless and why should’t we love our parents or in other words worship our parents. Like lord Rama who worship his parents and guru in the early morning on every day.Infact Ramaji started his day with the salutation in the holy lotus feet of his guru and parents.

Parents Worship day is observed to help us understand the value of parents in our lives. It helps us bond with our parents and gives us an opportunity to express our love and feeling for our parents. It is that time of the year when you open your heart and express all your feelings for your parents. Tell them how you admire them and how thankful you are for all their sacrifices, affection, love, and care. Parents can plant magic in a child’s mind through certain words spoken with some thrilling quality of voice, some uplift of the heart and spirit.

Unconditional love is the basis of any lasting relationship, especially the bond between parents and their children. Parents are sure to love their children even though their offspring may have committed many mistakes in life. Such mistakes, although accounted for and punished accordingly, are soon forgotten or forgiven. Children must also understand their parent’s concerns and ideologies and learn to accept them as they are.

Lets Celebrate Divine Valentine’s Day As “Parents Worship Day”!





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