Daily Activities and bapuji divine satsang

Impartment of Mystic Teaching.

bapuji hathjodkar


Mystic significance of the holy scriptures, and esoteric meaning of the ancient doctrines cannot be understood by reading books, or hearing scholarly lectures. Those blessed pupils who serve and live under the spiritual teacher, for life-long time with great reverence and devotion can understand and realise the Upanishads’ statements such as “Thou art That,” “I am Brahman,” “All indeed is Brahman,” etc.  Grace of the Guru gives the inner vision (of Atman).

Satguru communicates the secret knowledge of the Upanishads to his trusted disciples only after repeated entreaty and severe testing. According to the Upanishadic tradition the secret knowledge of Brahman may be imparted by a preceptor to his worthy son or to a trusted Sishya but not to another, whoever he may be, even if the latter should give him the whole earth surrounded by the water and filled with the treasures. After doing prostration to the blessed Guru, disciple should not turn his back to him and go away.  Even a child can be taught Vedanta provided the teacher knows very well what Vedanta truly means and how can it be applied to the different stages of life.

Arthaturanam na Guror na bandhum.” That means a person who hankers after wealth, will not mind even to swindle Guru’s property.  Do not covet the wealth of the Guru.The blessed Guru who is a liberated one is ever peaceful and blissful. He has an equal vision and balanced mind. He is equal in honour and dishonour, censure and praise, pleasure and pain. He is free from egoism, pride, anger, lust and greed. He has no likes and dislikes, he has no attachment to anything. He is full of wisdom; he is childlike, he clears the doubts of the disciple merely by his presence or through his gracious look.To serve the poor and the sick, to serve the Guru and parents, to do charitable and noble acts, to possess knowledge of the Self by the grace of the Guru, is indeed a supreme blessing.  There is nothing so purifying as personal service of Guru.

Gurukripa is a trustworthy companion along the weary path to Moksha.




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