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Uttarayan : A Spiritual Festive To Attain Salvation.


Unlike other Hindu festivals which follow the lunar motion, Makar Sankranti/Uttarayan follows the movement of the sun. It marks the beginning of the sun’s transition into the zodiac of Capricorn (Makar=Capricorn, Sankranti= transition). This makes it the only festival to fall on a fixed date every year – January 14th.The religious scripture, “Gita” which is known as the voice of Lord Krishna, illustrates that six months of Uttarayan is the day time of deity.
And, the 6 months of Dakhshinayan is the night for Gods. It is believed that person who scarifies his body(dies) in Uttarayan get a position in ‘Krishna Lok’. That person gets liberation, whereas, the one who dies in Dakhshinayan, has to be reborn.It is a festive day all over India. Each region celebrates its own local form of this festival. In the western parts of India it is called the “Makar Sankranti”/Uttarayan.This is the day winter officially ends and spring begins – a transition symbolic of discarding the previous season’s bad and the beginning of a fresh new season.

Pujya Saint #Asaramji #Bapuji in his discourses, tells the valuable importance of chanting & meditation on this  pious day.Pujyashree also tells if someone do hawan,japa&meditation on this day,a tremendous elevation or progress  in the spiritual path of a passenger.Chanting on this day gives a lot benefit to a person,taking early bath in the holy river removes all sins and  in returns gives a prosperous life.One can attain salvation only if keep on doing silent chanting and meditation.




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