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Being Innocent But Still Behind Bars.

Sant Shree Asaramji Bapuji is a name that needs no introduction and  is a self-reliant saint of 21st century of eternal hindu sanskriti. But if one looks at his life style and way of life ,every moment of his life gives a unique and pious message which if understood properly will make u lead a happy ,prosperous and peaceful life.

His selfless service for mankind irrespective of their caste, color and creed reflects his complete devotion and love for humanity and mother land. Wants to make each human being to be fearless,happy,contented and healthy lover of god.sant asaramji bapuji is not only worshiped by his disciples but also worshiped by religious community and was selected as the chairman of dharm raksha manch. Asaramji Bapuji is always trunk with divine joy and a long list of altruistic sewa activities being run by bapuji.

Framing top spiritual master under a preplanned conspiracy is an existing new trend began in India,saints are the prereachers they are believe to be the incarnation of lord Vishnu and saints keep their eternal heritage alive but aside there are some anti social elements which again wants to rule over india.these anti-social elements are known to be as the “christian missionaries” the strategy applied by them is to do “religion conversion” giving lure to the poor communities and do religion conversion but religion conversion is the biggest sin because a well said proverb” aapne dharm mein marna bhi khushnaseeb aur dusre k dharm mein jeena bhi bekar”.Hindu saints strongly opposes religion conversion and rase their voice but on the otherside they have to face a lot of problems. . A hierarchy of hindu saints which was targetted by christian missionaries since 1947 to 2015:

  • A self-reliant hindu saint “Swami Vivekananda”  targetted by christian missionaries and they imposed  swamji under the allegations of characterless,opposite sex attraction and cheater. Result= Today “swamiji” is being worshiping across the nation.
  • Mahatama “Buddha”, Allegations:  a murderer and had relationship with his female monk. Result= All the allegations  found to be fabricated and proved as innocent and is being worshiping. Saint “Kabira Dass” ji , Allegations :atheist,drunker,prostitute etc Result= kabirji proved innocent and badshah apply for an apology and is still being worshiping.
  • Spiritual and devotional lady “Meerabhai”, Allegations:characterless but still people loves the song sung by meera.

References(Yugnayak Vivekanada,l.swami Gambiranand,page no.101, 112, 121, 122;Lok Kalyan Vrati Mahatama buddha,L.P.Shri Rama Acharaya. page no. 25;Kabir Darshan,l. Dr.kishor Dass Swami,page no.92-96;bhakat charitaank,page no.715, publisher Gita press)

  • Jaytendar sarswati,swami keshvanandji,swami nityanand,shri kripaluji,sadhvi pragya singhji,saint Asharamji Bapuji and Shri Narayan saiiji ji. All these saints worked against missionaries and in return they framed them in a fake case.

Saint Asharamji Bapuji works as an obstacle in the path of religion conversion, reviver of sanatan hindu sanskriti.Opened more than 17thousands bal sanskar kendras “Hope Of 21st Century”,”Gurukuls”,”Holy Mother Cow Protection From Slaughter houses” and many other selfless sewa activities programs being carried out by bapuji and bapuji’s vision is to make “Bharat Vishav Guru”.A long List of other altruistic Campaign being initiated by bapuji,which was being celebrated across the globe.

Christian Missionaries Again Target Top spiritual guru of India.Conspirators Cooked Stories took the form of fabricted allegations,conspirators used adult girl as a major tool to malign the credibility of hindu saint Asaramji bapuji.

Jodhpur case, bapuji

Asaram Bapu Case

fabricated story thus give rise to a number Of questions:

  1. Why Girl choose kamala nagar market to file a complaint,though basically from shahjapur(Uttar Pradesh)?
  2. Being Adult,On what grounds they fix Bapuji Under POCSO Act?
  3. Why At Mid-night (2:30am) she choose kamala nagar market to file a f.I.R?
    1. Why After 5 days Of Incident (according to her) she filed a F.I.R?
    2. Why she left ten thousands police stations?second pic of blogConspirators Conspiracy Exposed

Sensational U-Turn In Surat Case


Conspiracy Is Exposed but still injustice with hindu saints at peak!




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