Parent's Worship Day

How To Celebrate Parent’s Worship Day

कैसे मनायें ‘मातृ-पितृ पूजन दिवस’?

How do we Celebrate Parents Worship Day?

  1. Children worship their parents by putting Tilak, offering flowers & bowing to the parents. Parents put Tilak on children & bless them. Experience the God residing inside one another. The blessings of parents bring goodness to the children.
  2. Parents tell the stories of devotees of parents like Ganesha, Pundalik, Shravana Kumar etc.
  3. Children can also perform some play on these devotees eg. Children can enact as Lord Ganesha to worship his/her parents as Shiva-Parvati.
  4. All children take pledge: “I shall respect my parents & teachers. It is my duty to obey those commands which aim at making me great and I shall surely do it.”
  5. Children sing songs filled with devotion towards parents like:”Mata-Pita-Guru Charano Me” (cassette: Bhajan Deepanjali, VCD: Sanskar Darshan, MP3 given above) or “Bhoolo sabhi ko tum magar…” (leaflets available as ashram given above)
  6.  Distribute sweets to children after singing “Shri Asaramayana Yog Lila” or Aarti.
  7. If possible, do such event at a community hall where Posters depicting slogans of Parents Devotion can be put up.
  8. Parents distribute books like “Bal-Sanskar”, “The Glory of Eternal Youth”, “Winsome Behaviour”, “Tu Gulab Hokar Mehak” to other children & adults in their area and they themselves read them a little daily.
  9. Read and spread this benevolent message of Pujya Bapuji whose heart is filled with nothing but the well-being of mankind.


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