Parent's Worship Day

Celebrating Parents’ Unconditional Love on 14th February

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My heart is deeply anguished for the reason that people say: “It is the Age of Progress”. But I find it to be the age of ruination for the youth. Such a destructive age is unprecedented in the human history. They get adulterated milk, polluted air, and impure samskaras, evil impressions on their mind from polluted environment. As soon as they enter the state of youth, the evil impressions nip them in the bud. I don’t want to oppose anybody; but I feel grieved over seeing the destruction of humanity. This assault has its origin in western countries.Instead of opposing it; we’ll just give it a new direction; so that this does the welfare of foreign people as well. You do celebrate the day of love by saying, Matri devo Bhava; Pitri devo Bhava.’ — ‘Regard your mother as a god; regard your father as a god.


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