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Christian Missionaries Target Hindu Saints Since 1947.

On 15th august,1947 India got independence from the claws of foreigners and emerged as the democratic country. “Independence”  means “the fact or state of being independent”,  but with era of freedom, christian missionaries invade india and trying their foolish tactics to demolish india and again wants to rule over india.But remember, Only India is known to be the land where lord incarnate in the form of sages or saints and save their eternal heritage. Saints form the strong base of any nation;if any nation is strong just like as “bharat” because of the efforts of hindu saints.Saints remain their traditional values,rituals,ethics alive and propagate it from one generation to another. Missionaries starts targetting hindu saints one by one under a pre- compose conspiracy,it indicates they firstly wants to break the base because base is the foundation; if hindu saints are to be defame then it will be easy for them to rule over india. In every era every top spiritual master is being targeted by christian missionaries,those saints who work for humanity,for hinduism,propagate their eternal values in return conspirators frame them in a precompose conspiracy. A hierarchy of hindu saints which was targetted by christian missionaries since 1947 to 2015:

  • A self-reliant hindu saint “Swami Vivekananda”  targetted by christian missionaries and they imposed  swamji under the allegations of characterless,opposite sex attraction and cheater. Result= Today “swamiji” is being worshiping across the nation.
  • Mahatama “Buddha”, Allegations:  a murderer and had relationship with his female monk. Result= All the allegations  found to be fabricated and proved as innocent and is being worshiping.
  • Saint “Kabira Dass” ji , Allegations :atheist,drunker,prostitute etc Result= kabirji proved innocent and badshah apply for an apology and is still being worshiping.
  • Spiritual and devotional lady “Meerabhai”, Allegations:characterless but still people loves the song sung by meera.

References(Yugnayak Vivekanada,l.swami Gambiranand,page no.101, 112, 121, 122;Lok Kalyan Vrati Mahatama buddha,L.P.Shri Rama Acharaya. page no. 25;Kabir Darshan,l. Dr.kishor Dass Swami,page no.92-96;bhakat charitaank,page no.715, publisher Gita press)

Jaytendar sarswati,swami keshvanandji,swami nityanand,shri kripaluji,sadhvi pragya singhji,saint Asharamji Bapuji and Shri Narayan saiiji ji. All these saints worked against missionaries and in return they framed them in a fake case.But With the passage of time,some of the  hindu saints were proved as innocent ; though media is totally paid to aired false news against hindu saints but one must remember,truth always wins !Truth has the power and truth never ever loses any war!

But A well said proverb:”Truth Alone Triumph”!

Satyamev Jayate!


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