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Do Not Blindly Ape The Western Oriented V-day! Let’s Celebrate #HappyParentsWorshipDay.

मातृ-पितृ पूजन दिवस

Haapy Parents Worship Day

O! teenagers why you are blindly imitate the western culture? Do you know Valentine’s day proved to be a curse on humanity? Valentine ’s Day is a day which ruins your morality.Why are you reeling under the ill effects of western hedonistic culture which has no spiritual benefits and it is the western custom to put parents in old age homes. Do you want this? Lustful heart is termed as love but in reality it is discredit to love. loss of semen leads to loss of immunity and depletion of the vital energy. Such celebrations do not exhibit true love and gratitude but is an excuse for enjoyment and is just a formality without any meaning . There is a lot difference between love and lust; lust drags in to bottom but love is at top, divine and creates a continual innovative ideas ,no loss of stored semen and shows the affinity in every one. Is love only limited to physical attraction ? If young revolutionaries, such as Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Madan Lal Dhingra and Chapekar who sacrificed their lives in their youth, had spent their days celebrating days such as Valentine’s days then we would never be able to enjoy freedom today. What pain their souls must be suffering in seeing their dreams being shattered in this way ! Shivaji Maharaj took the vow of establishing Hindavi Swarajya at a tender age of sixteen and went on to unite the Mawala youth of his age and thus sowed the seeds of Swarajya (self governance) and pride in Dharma.

Stop following the west!

Let’s Celebrate #ParentsWorshipDayOn14thFeb!

Let’s Celebrate True Love In Its Purest and Divine Form!


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