Daily Activities and bapuji divine satsang

Our Relation To Guru.


In this Kaliyuga, God-realisation is to be attained through devotion to Guru.To receive initiation from a Guru is a great blessing. Mantra-chaitanya, the power hidden in the Mantra is awakened by taking initiation from Guru.Make it a point to serve the Guru with full devotion from today.No spiritual progress is possible without the aid of Guru who is mine of spirituality.  Guru removes the veil of aspirants and obstacles and throws light on their path.Miss not an opportunity to have Satsanga with Guru, Mahatmas and Saints of all castes and creeds.Make prostrations daily to your parents and school-teachers. Let your mother be your God, let your father be your God, let your teacher be your God, let your guest be your God.Study of sacred scriptures without service to Guru is only a waste of time. Study of holy scriptures from Guru without giving Guru-Dakshina to him is only a waste of time.The mere reading of Vedantic texts, Upanishads and Brahma-sutras without fulfilling the Guru’s wishes will neither bring good nor knowledge. After serving a long time, a pure and calm mind becomes your Guru.




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