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Fundamentals Of Discipleship

Fundamentals Of Discipleship

Fundamentals Of Discipleship

If an aspirant will not serve his Guru with faith and devotion all his vows and austerities will certainly leak out as water from an unburnt pot.Control of mind and senses, meditation on Guru-Bhagavan, patience while serving him, forbearance, devotion to the preceptor, contentment, compassion, cleanliness, truthfulness, straightforwardness, humility and obedience to the Guru are the characteristics of a good disciple. The seeker after Truth should dwell in the house of his preceptor with control over his senses and mind, and should study the scriptures under him with great faith and reverence. He should observe strict Brahmacharya, and should offer worship to the preceptor.A disciple should regard the preceptor as God Himself and should not look upon him as a man.He should not find out defects in the preceptor because Guru represents all the gods.Disciple should bring alms to the preceptor and must feed him with great faith and devotion.Disciple should shun all comforts as poison and should surrender his body in the service of his Guru.Disciple should offer Dakshina to his preceptor after studying scriptures and with his permission one should return to his home.He who uses “Gurudom” as a means of livelihood is a destroyer of religion.The main duty of a Brahmachari is wholehearted selfless service to his preceptor.Tapas, pilgrimage, charitable gifts, are not so helpful to attain Guru’s grace as personal service and utter obedience to him.The Vedas, direct perception, sayings of Guru, and inference are the four proofs of knowledge.All works bear the seed of sorrow but not service rendered to Guru.At anytime disciple should be ready to give up wealth, enjoyment comforts, happiness and even his own body to carry out Guru’s commands.



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