Daily Activities and bapuji divine satsang

Guru—The Benefactor of the World

Guru-The Benefactor of the World

Guru-The Benefactor of the World

A real Guru can change the destiny of the disciple. Satguru is a prophet and a messenger of God, is a cosmic friend and benefactor of the world. He is a guiding star to the suffering mankind.By serving the true Guru the noose of time is destroyed, the sacred words of wisdom of Guru enter the heart of disciple. There is no release without Guru’s Grace. He who has turned his face from the path of Guru-Bhakti Yoga goes from death to death, from darkness to darkness, and from ignorance to ignorance.It is only the word of the great teacher that like thrashing sunbeam, lights up, through the darkness of the illusions of the world, the path of humanity which men and women try to follow according to their inherited capacity.The Guru’s Grace itself will enable one to understand true purpose of life and to have a burning desire to realise the Self.Guru Kripa is the most vital internal antiseptic, universal antibiotic against the bacteria of all the vices in the heart of the disciple. Grace of the Guru will flow as easily as water flows from the one pot to another if one establishes continuous unbroken contact with his Guru.Guru Kripa or Kataksha cannot be attained by mere mechanical prostration to Guru. It can be obtained only when one translates Guru’s teachings, in life. Before retiring to bed, disciple should introspect as to how far he has obeyed in carrying out Guru’s orders.Every day the disciple before he starts his service to his Guru, should resolve that he would serve the Guru with more devotion and obedience than the previous days. Even the little faith in Guru and scriptures will vanish in no time by bad company.




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