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Asaram Bapu is once again trending on Twitter with the hashtag #WhyBapujiTargeted.

Following the trend, the hashtag was created by general people and not by followers of Asaramji Bapu.
People now come to know how Asharam Bapu is framed by different ways.

The followers on Twitter world are reacting to the hashtag by giving reason for ‘whybapujitargeted’.

Some of the true reasons mentioned in the tweets by Indian Public are:

#Bapuji caused billion dollars loss to Christian missionaries as he brought 1000s of people back to Hinduism, and that is why he was targeted.

Some say he was targeted because he was a threat to MNCs as millions of people left usage of MNC products due of his ‘be Swadeshi’ Appeal.

While the other say he openly challenged Congress President Sonia Gandhi to leave the nation.

In 2007, ‘Bapuji’ headed the movement to safeguard Ram Setu, hence, the Anti-Hindu groups built conspiracy against him.


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