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Reflections On Guru-Bhakti

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The transformation of consciousness of the disciple through being influenced by the Guru is both a subjective and an objective process. Mind is an objectified stress in universal consciousness and is like a ripple therein. The Guru as well as the disciple are such consciousness-stresses differing only in the degree of the subtlety and the expansiveness of their condition. Each higher, subtler and more expansive condition is more potent and inclusive than the lower. The Guru is a Brahmanishtha one rooted in the Infinite Truth. The mind of the Guru, being nearest to the absolute condition of changeless Existence, possesses limitless powers beyond imagination. The initiation of the disciple by the Guru is a process of the infusion by the Guru of this supernormal force of spiritual consciousness into the grosser state of the disciple’s mind which results in the dispelling of the darkness and the enlightening of the mind of the latter. The length of time taken by the process of the disciple’s spiritual illumination is directly proportional to the receptive capacity of the disciple and the Consciousness-Force of the Guru. No action or event is completely subjective or completely objective.The truth is midway between the two. Effort and grace are the subjective and the objective forces simultaneously working and each depending on the other. The external and the internal are the two complementary faces of the one whole being. There is no purpose served when there is only the eye or when there is only the external luminous object. The contact of both effects the perception of the light. If entire subjectivity were the truth, the whole world would have vanished when the first person attained Self-realisation. If entire objectivity were the truth, no person could have attained Liberation, until the entire universe was exalted to the consciousness of the unconditioned absolute. But none of these is the complete truth. The subject and the object have equal shares in the transformation of an individual. The one is a copy of the other. The world is the materialisation of the collective totality of the thoughts of all the beings constituting it, and, hence, the dissolution of the mind of one being among them requires a reshuffling in the thoughts of the others; for the sustenance of the world thenceforth is the work of only the remaining ones. Thus the occurring of an event is through blending together of both the internal and the external, the subjective and the objective powers of the Pure Being. The Guru’s unlimited consciousness invades the dark corner of the disciple who is able to bear it through the strength of truth and purity and who receives it to the extent his mind is purged of Rajas and Tamas. The Guru is identical with the Existence Itself and, hence, the help which is derived from him cannot be estimated by the faculty of thinking.

It is a decided and established conclusion that Guru is absolutely essential for spiritual progress. Even secular science, arts and all worldly undertakings need the help of a teacher. More so, is the need for guidance in the spiritual path. A seeker after truth should be blessed with the company of his Satguru so that the former may get rid of his defects and develop virtues and attain Godhead.The company of great men is very rare to be got. The attainment of a Satguru is the result of the full grace of God. A true spiritual Guru is God Himself.

A disciple should not act against the wishes of his Guru. He should not speak displeasing words to his Guru. He should view everyone with Guru-Bhava. This is the culmination of Guru-Bhakti.A disciple without devotion to his Guru is like a flower without fragrance, a well without water, a cow without milk or a body without life.If you want to be a true disciple, you should follow the instructions of your Guru to their very letter and spirit. If you make a promise to your Guru you should fulfil it even at the cost of your life.

The treasure of Guru-Bhakti is not acquired in a day. The disciple has to cultivate it gradually and painstakingly. He must increase it day by day. It develops through constant earnest prayers in the secret chamber of your heart. You must make yourself perfectly blind to the human aspects of your Guru. Then you will develop true Guru-Bhakti.

Deification of the Guru is a mysterious powerful method of having his grace. When you deify him, you see only the storehouse of perfection in him. Even if you cannot understand his actions, do not misunderstand them. Be humble and silent. Wait patiently. You will be rewarded with light, later on. Guru-Bhakti is the magic-wand in the hands of the disciple to cross the ocean of Samsara. Guru-Bhakti will make possible for you, all that is impossible. The unattainable can be attained by Guru-Bhakti.

The true disciple is concerned only with the Divine Nature of the Guru. The Guru’s actions as man, is not the disciple’s concern. He is totally oblivious of it. To him the Guru is Guru, even if he acts unconventionally. Always remember that the nature of a saint is unfathomable. Judge him not. Measure not his divine nature with the inadequate yardstick of your ignorance.

A sincere disciple, who is living with his Guru, should not foolishly sit idle, waiting for verbal instruction from the Guru every day. The day-to-day conduct of the Guru is in itself a living ideal to him, who is observant. He must eagerly deserve and learn precious lessons of life from the personality and actions of the Guru. The life of Guru is a living sermon to the sincere disciple. The Guru teaches through personal example. The disciple learns through devout observation.


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