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Classes Of Disciples

Classes Of Disciples

The best disciple is like petrol or aviation spirit. Even from a great distance he will instantly react to the spark of the Guru’s Upadesa.The second class disciple is like camphor, a touch awakens his inner spirit and kindles the fire of spirituality in him.The third class of disciple is like coal; the Guru has to take great pains in order to awaken the spirit in him.The fourth class of disciple is like a plantain stem, no efforts will be of any avail over him. Whatever the Guru may do, he remains cold and inert.Listen! O disciple, be not like plantain stem-like disciple; try to be petrol-like disciple, or at least the camphor-like disciple. When you surrender to the sacred feet of your Guru, beg not of him worldly needs nor aught else. But beg for His Grace, only that you may have true devotion and lasting faith in him.

Guru is the way, the life and the goal ultimate. No one shall attain to the supreme beatitude except through the Guru.Guru is the Moksha Dwara. Guru is the embodiment of grace.Die to live. Die at the Lotus-Feet of thy Guru, give up thy ego and die, only that you may live again the True Divine life. Life is no life if not enlivened and made Divine by the transforming Grace of Guru.The true relationship between Guru and Chela cannot be described or written or made understood. The true seeker of truth have to approach a Brahma-Nishtha Guru who is an embodiment of compassion with faith and devotion, and must serve and live with him for a long period.

Guru-Bhakti Yoga is a Yoga by itself.Disciples have to be patient when the Guru presents them for the sake of testing.Disciple should not give up service of Guru when he comes across some difficulties and troubles. Self-sacrifice in the cause of service of Guru is the best medium to develop devotion to the sacred feet of Guru. Peace of mind comes from prayer, Japa, Kirtan, meditation, service of Guru, good and sublime thoughts and understanding.



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