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Why did Salman Khan get bailed after getting punishment but Asaram Bapu can’t?

BhaiTards- Sallu Bhai should not get jailed. He is so nice, he does charity work, remember being human? And he helps every newcomer in industry, remember Katrina and Zarine Khan? So thats why Bhai should not be in jail.
Rational slaps BhaiTard, 4 teeth of BT come out. And then Rational gives Athanni to a roadside beggar.

BhaiTard- Sale kutte, I was just giving my opinion and you slapped me. Now you will be in jail.
Rational- But I gave athanni to beggar, remember?
BhaiTard- Saale kutte, you are Shahrukh gay’s fan and you hate Bhai for no reason and Bhai tum sab pe bhari hai, I dont talk to haters.
BhaiTard wins debate with logic.

^^ this is the logic being given around^^

Salman Khan got a bail because Harish Salve didnt get a copy of the judgement because there was no electricity (apparently )  .





Clearly judiciary is sold out in India

This brings me to the case of undertrial prisoners in India.

A prisoner on remand is someone who is imprisoned before the start of his trial.  He is desperately poor and cannot afford a lawyer, bond or bail.

Because the prisoner has not been formally tried, he is presumed to be innocent under the principles of natural justice . He is entitled to special benefits and treatment that are not offered to regular prisoners.

Being on remand can  be stressful and emotionally distressing, if a prisoner is innocent . Why should he suffer because the judiciary is too slow in India?

When a case does NOT warrant a term in jail , why put the man in remand prison . The police must be punished if they slap unwarranted IPC sections ,  just to keep the man in prison , so that they can get promotions.

Even lawyers struggle to convict a man— so that he can add that as a feather on his cap.  He will often boast about it  – for putting innocent men in prison ?  These are the people who become judges later.

More than 1/3 of the  people remanded in prison went on to receive a sentence that wasn’t prison in India over the past decade.  Then why put him in remand prison –just because he cannot afford bail ?   Different rules for poor and the rich ? 



fate of seven out of 10 Indian prisoners – more than 70% of 322,000 inmates in India’s 1,135 prisons are awaiting trial.    India’s prisons officially have capacity for 237,000. 224,000 of inmates are on remand.

87% of prisoners in Bihar’s prisons are on remand awaiting trial.  A lot of prisoners are very old over the age of 70.

The police take months to file charges, lawyers delay filing cases , judges are absent leading to frequent adjournments and the accused are not produced in time, as there were no vans .  Most of Bihar’s 55 jails, for example, simply do not have enough prison vans to transport prisoners to the courts.

The absence of witnesses and OBJECTIVE evidence  impeded 20 % of hearings.  Innocent  remand prisoners are often released after wasting away their entire youth in jails.

Police love to show their smartness by slapping as many IPC sections as possible.(read below , how meaningless sections were applied in Bapuji’s case).The judges do NOT pull up the police and ask them to justify why unwarranted IPC sections are slapped for sadist reasons .
Every IPC section adds up.

When a judge is convinced that a poor man will have to go to remand prison just because he cannot afford the bail,   or provide bond surety , why  cant he be compassionate and just  relax the terms ?

Sometimes this poor man has nobody to stand bond surety for him,  the way the judge wants ( with originals of Aadhar card, ration card , salary certificate  etc ).

A rich man will get anticipatory bail 100% even if the charge is non-bailable.

Now same things happened in Asharam Bapu’s case , useless sections were slapped

like  IPC

1.  120 – conspiracy  – what or against whom , none knows

2.  506 – criminal intimidation – neither there is a proof of grievous hurt or bodily harm , in facts His disciples & ashram are being attacked regularly

4 .504 – intensional insult to promote breach of peace – I think media should be slapped with this one

  1. 509- word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman – If this was the case how come majority of the women discples are still with him ?

Women’s panel visits Asaram ashram, but gets no complaints   – Indian Express

Women Uproar towards Injustice on Pujya Bapuji – A Year On

Is Asaram bapu followed by Women devotees , any MORE ?

अन्याय दिवस: महिला संगठनों ने आशाराम बापूजी की अन्यायपूर्ण गिरफ्तारी के विरोध में निकाली विशाल रैली

6.342-punishment for wrongful confinement –  No arrest done till date from ashram regarding forcebly conining someone against their wish

7.354 A – molestation – not even a sratch found on the girls body

फरियादी लड़की पीडिता नहीं है

फरियादी लड़की पीडिता नहीं है

8.POCSO – the age of the girl found to be >18 , doesnt hold

9. 370 – slavery – LOL

Apart from the bogus case , Asharam Bapu was denied bail even on medical grounds while people like Sanjay Dutt were out on parole for wife’s illness who was found partying

संजय दत्त


A10As too why He is not getting bail , well probably being a Hindu  Saint in India is the biggest crime !!

The trend started with Jayalalitha when on the eve of Deepavali in 2004, she arrested Kanchi Shankaracharya, Jayendra Saraawati Swamiji. She accused the Kanchi Acharya of every possible crime under the sun in the hope that at least one will stick in court and the Mutt will be forever defiled. Sonia smirked, ‘purpose served’. But the court acquitted him of all charges. Now, the AIADMK govt. has the guts to ban RSS Route Marches in the state, although the court had granted permission, but Islamic organizations and Dharvida Kazhakam are given a free hand to take out morchas and organise public rallies where they spew venom on Hindus.

For example, Swami Aseemanand, Sadhvi Pragya, Swami Amrutanand Dev Tirth (better known as Dayanand Pandey), Shankaracharya of Sarada Sarvigya peet,Dhananjay Desai are languishing in jail for many years without even a trial. On what basis Bails are denied to them? We can understand the intention of the UPA Govt. in arresting them -to prove Hindu Terror. But why the Modi Govt. follows the same policy? What is the harm in giving them bail? Now that we have a BJP Govt. in Maharashtra, can Hindus expect that these Hindu activists will get bail?
It is surprising that while many men accused of terror plot are getting bail easily, Hindu activists are in jail indefinitely without any charge sheet and trial.

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Even after Salman Khan & ‪#‎JayaVerdict‬ people don’t see what’s happening in Asaram Bapu case?
20 months in Jail without Conviction at 76 age

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for those who dont know Patil was the bodyguard of sk  , provided by mumbai police.


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