Daily Activities and bapuji divine satsang

What Is Dharma In Relation To Guru ?


Salutations, adorations, prostrations to Guru,
Guru is Brahma, Guru is Siva, Guru is Vishnu,
Guru is father, Guru is mother, Guru is real friend.
Serve him with all Bhava, wet with Bhakti.
He will teach you Brahma Vidya, show the divine path.
Service of Guru is a great purifier.

He who surrenders his Thana, Mana and Dhana at the feet of master develops Guru-Bhakti.Whatever promotes devotion to the feet of Master is highest Dharma. Niyama consists of Japa of Guru Mantra, doing austerity while serving Guru, faith in the words of Guru, Acharya-sevana, contentment, purity, studying the scriptures and Guru-Bhakti or surrender to Guru. Titiksha is the bearing of grief or affliction while carrying out Guru’s Command.  Tyaga is the giving up works which Guru prohibits.  One who does not serve and obey his Guru is really a fool.Lord Krishna says to Uddhava, “The human body, so hard to secure is a strong boat. The preceptor is at the helm of the boat. I am the favourable wind that drives it.” The man who does not strive to cross the ocean of births with such a boat and such a means is truly killing himself.As man is under the influence of beginningless ignorance he cannot have Self-realisation without the help of Preceptor.Can there be anything wrong in what the Guru says? There is some reason for it. The human intellect cannot reach there.The personal service of Guru is the highest form of Yoga.The disciple can control his mind by doing personal service to Guru.



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