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Seek The Company Of Holy Saints

wallpaper (2)The simplest and the best way to be free from the vicious clutches of the mind is to seek the tutelage of a competent Sadguru. Make all our efforts to propitiate Him through your selfless and diligent service. It is difficult to please worldly people, for there is no end to their desires and wants. But it is very easy to please the Sadguru who has no desires. Remain at the holy feet of such a Sadguru, listen to His precepts, ruminate and reflext on them. Study the scriptures and imbibe the mystery of Brahmavidya under His tutelage and finally assimilate the same into your life. Realize who you really are. Seek answers to questions like, ‘What is this world? What is God? What is the Truth? What is illusion?’

When these mysteries are revealed in your heart, you will realize that the world actually is non-existent; it is you yourself who is present everywhere as Brahman, the Supreme Being. Of your own accord you pluralize your faculties and assuming different forms play with one another. The only way to be liberated from all miseries of life is to attain Self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge can be attained only under the tutelage of a completely competent Sadguru. Self-knowledge makes the mind pure, immaculate and guileless, finally leading to a state wherein it becomes practically non-existent. Then you will see nothing but the Supreme Brahman everywhere. The whole world will appear like a veritable mirage to you.

“Pehle bhi tha brahma hi bad me rahega brahma

Nikal dalo bich ka jag ka jutha brahm”

‘It was Brahman ever before. It will be Brahman ever after. Just remove the intervening illusion of this world.’

When the world does not exist then how can the mind exist? You along will remain manifested in your True Self. Whereupon all your resolves will automatically fructify. You will be free from the vices of lust, anger, delusion, conceit and jealosy. One who has conquered the mind has conquered the entire world. And he has realized God as well.

“Man ka darpan svachchh kiya jisne apne tai

Anubhav uska dekhi usme atmadev ki sai

Bhitar bahar dikhe akela na kahi dura kai

Karya siddh huve uske to ‘Sami’ kahe sun sai”

‘One who has purified his mind has perceived the Atman; he sees nothing, but his own Self everywhere; Sami (poet’s name) says all his supreme task is accomplished thereby.’






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