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H.H. Pujya Asharamji Bapuji’s “52nd Self-Realization” Ceremony Celebrated As “Seva Divas”

Self-realization Ceremony

Self-realization Ceremony

14th october2015, is observed as “52nd Self-Realization” ceremony of pujya sant shri Asharamji bapuji, disseminator of ultimate truth and vedanata.Under the holy guidance Of Pujya Leelashahji Maharaj, pujya bapuji accompished the highest and true aim of life.while listening to the Spiritual discourses,mainly emphasized on attainment of salvation and says it is right of every human-being to accomplish the highest position and remain free from all human sufferings and sorrows;one who accompish this,nothing remains to get from the materialistic world.
Aasoj sud do diwas , sanwat bees ikkis
Madhyaanh dhaai baje mila Eesh se Eesh
Deh sabhie mithya hui jagat hua nissar
Hua aatma se tabhi apna sakhshatkar.
union of “atma with parmatma”; “jiva with shiva”.
On the battlefield of krukshetra lord krishna explains arjuna about the “ultimate truth” emphasize on the attainment of salvation by the paths of karma and to achieve the highest position i.e “Self-Realization” and remain free from suffering and sorrow.After accompishing the highest position nothing remains to get from the materialistic world, infact we are born only to attain salvation.

A Huge Sankirtan Procession organised on the eve of pujya bapuji self-realization ceremony,thousands disciples gathered and they were chanting hariom-hariom.Bhandara ceremony,feeding the poor all these programs were also organised on the pious day.Pujya bapuji believes in the “Sabka Mangal,Sabka Bhala”,Altruistic sewa programs being organised by ashrams at large scale only to bring smile on the face of daridnarayans.

Mahila Utthan Mandal distributed Fruits and religious books in the civil hospital of ahemdabad.


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