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Vijayadashami : The Day Of Victory

Vijaya Dashami:The Day Of Victory

Investing in these three will make your life in a certain way. If you invest in tamas, you will be powerful in one way. If you invest in rajas, you will be powerful in a different way. If you invest in sattva, you will be powerful in a completely different way. But if you go beyond all this, it is no longer about power, it is about liberation. After Navaratri, the tenth and final day is Vijayadashami – that means you have conquered all these three qualities. You did not give into any of them, you saw through every one of them. You participated in every one of them, but you did not invest in any one of them. You won over them. That is Vijayadashami, the day of victory. This brings home the message of how being in reverence and gratitude towards everything that matters in our lives leads to success and victory.

Vijaydashmi, the day also marks the victory of Goddess over the demon Mahishasur; Lord Rama conquer over the demon king Ravana,who abducted sita mata and end of agyatawas of pandavas.Inspite of had been Golden Kingdom Ravanas’s lust,desires not ended and hence killed by lord Rama and for remembrance every year Ravanas’s mannequin burnt which sents a message in the society that untill and unless one not overcome out of his bad deeds will not accomplish the highest goal;but in the Kaliyuga there are many Ravanas who abducted Maa Sita,these ravanas are anti-hindu people who framed hindus spiritual gurus under precomposed conspiracy.Since the immemorial times,hindu saints are being targeted by christian missionaries  to demolish sanatana-dharma; their own cooked stories are represented as in the form of “allegations” and on the basis of fake allegations they are sent behind bars.On 30 august,13 A self-reliant hindu sant H.H. Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapuji who has huge record of million followers was arrested at mid-night only on the basis of conspirators cooked stories which they ultimately gave and represented as “allegations”; puppet paid media hyped the conspirators cooked stories as “Rape”. Again Nationlist fooled by Paidmedia as previously they  foold the people in case of Kanchi Peeth Jaytendra Sarswati (was also sent behind bars only on the basis of mere false allegations but later on proven Innocent).While addressing to media persons Dcp Ajay Pal Lamba, jodhpur claimed that  no evidence and no allegation of rape is found either in FIR or  Medical report;  but none of the media channels aird nor hyped this news with the exception of sudarshan news and A2Z news channel.A huge array of altruistic sewa activities is been organised under the guidance of bapuji, various yojans been opened for daridnarayans like “Bhajan Karo Bhojan Paoo”, “Domicile”, “Free Ration”,”Free education” and also other  domestic needed things etc. A huge population of Gau Mata rescued from the butchers and provided them shelter;17k balsanskara kendras are been run at large scale which aims at reviving sanatana values,inculcationg moral,cultural and traditional values which ultimately leads to the overall development of child. Bapuji’s vision to make bharat as “Vishavguru” and infact with the onset of new government bharat is in new direction to become as super-power.Pujya Bapuji is brahamgyani sant what he said mother nature has to follow.Millions followers of asaramji bapuji are eagerly waiting for their satguru’s release,because it is believed that “Satya pareshan hoo sakta hain but prajit nahin”,”Truth Alone Trumphs”.Lord Rama Killed Demon Ravana in Tretayug and hence celebrating “Vijyayadashami” which signifies that evils has to be end one day and truth Wins.




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