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Miracle Happened When Meet With Philanthropist Sant At Jodhpur Central Jail.




The Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) symbolizes purity, beauty, majesty, grace, fertility, wealth, richness, knowledge, serenity and they grow in shallow and murky waters.The Lotus is a sacred flower for Hindus and Buddhists. It is symbolically equal to the Buddha for Buddhists.Synonymously revered saints believes to be the embodiment of lord Vishnu,always in the heed of altruistic sewa and spiritual upliftment of an individual.since 31st August2013, a self-reliant,revered sant Asharamji bapuji is sent behind bars on the basis of conspirators cooked stories which they had given a shape of “Allegations”, aired by indian paid media as “Rape”.Bapuji has devoteed fifity years of his life span to serve the mother land and sanatan-dharma. After Swami Viviekanadji ,Bapuji represented World Religious Parliament in 1993; elected as chief of “sanatan dharma rakhsha manch”.Bapuji “dessimenator” of holy hindu sacred texts like The vedas, The Puranas, The Bhagavad Gita, Shri Yogavashista Maharamayana etc after attending his spiritual discouses one feels to be supremely blessed and is being worshiped by more than 4 million people across the nation,infact bapuji has created a historic record of huge number of followers and for followers bapuji is everything for them,resides in their soul,heart and mind.Under bapuji’s guidance numerous sewa activities being run at large scale amongst masses because bapuji believes in “Sabka Mangal Sabka Bhala”,”Har Koi Bhagwan Swaroop Hain”, to help poor is equals to the adoration of almighty.

Aura Scientist Dr Hira Tapadia after undergone his experiment related with bapuji’s aura ; claimed that bapuji’s is not an ordinary saint his aura has as much power that it not only changes the atmosphere of surroundings but also brings serenity,purity,prosperity and spirituality in those who take his holy shrine and also changes the attitude of common person.His scientific claimation proves to be true,also the experience of million followers that after attending bapuji’s spiritual discourses their is a tremendous change in their lives.Captive Nasruddin was sent behind bars because his daughter-in-law replant him for attempt to rape;but he personally said he is innocent;his daughter-in-law framed him because of some issues,neither have the money nor no one to help him .But when he saw bapuji said, “Baba I Believe You Only when You do some miracle for my release;there is nobody who helps me,twice in a week my bail-plea is being rejected by court;I have heard  that you do miracles;after listening him bapuji smiles and said don’t worry very soon you will be out of the jail but still he says its quite impossible because court had rejected,being rejecting my bail-plea; but benevolent bapuji again smiles,said “Everything will be good very soon and you will at your home Deharadun” As, it is written in the holy texts Shri Yogavasishta Maharamayana ,the mothernature follows the pious sentences,words which comes from the pious mouth of brahamgyani sage and after few days acquitted went Jodhpur bapuji ashram for telling them the miracle,the divine experience after darshana of pujya bapuji.


Groggy Autodriver does brutal attacks on his wife also shows too much exaggeration on his family and for his annoying behaviour his family registered FIR against him;arrested by cops behind bars,too much tensed that he is inside jail because his family sent him; but after having pious darshana of bapuji,told every incident happened with him,bapuji smiled and said “If You are here it’s too good because if you were at your place,must meet with an severe accident,dont worry everything will be perfect with you,after listening generous words of bapuji his cognitive stage comes in a calm&peaceful manner”. After releasing from jodhpur jail,came to jodhpur ashram,very happily told his divine experience and said “I will take Bhagwan-Naam Mantar Dikhsha” from bapuji and would live a spiritual and peaceful life.Experience Of Afghanistan Prisoners told by a kitchen chef (Jodhpur jail) to a sadhak who went inside for the divine darshana of pujya bapuji;said three people were arrested by cops were acquainted with the greatness of bapuji, decided to urge bapuji to help them ,in the evening bapuji come for a walk; looked at them and asked what you want ?On what basis you are here? Very honestly said everything to philanthropist,bapuji smilingly said”Do You read Nawaz? They said ‘yes’ bapuji; Do You Observefast for five days? They said yes bapuji we will do;for the sake and well being of them only generous,beloved bapuji ate green chillies for three days and on the fifth day of their fast,after acquiited asked bapuji “Baba when you come out of jail we come for your darshan,you are a true sant,you helped us,for us you are our messanger,our allah.”Kitchen Chef also told that the atmosphere of jodhpur jail also has changed a lot,since bapuji has arrived jodhpur jail,there is serenity, calm, calmness, stillness, silence and also I feels too privileged to having a consistent darshana of Brahamgyani Sant, said bapuji has also planted some medicinal plants and ficus religiosa(peepal) and circumambalation around ficus religiosa(peepal) by anyone will fullfill his desires.

Despite of indian media has been aired  baseless,pseudo news against self-revered sant pujya bapuji but still the belief,adoration of followers for their innocent guru is at peak,is steeply progressing because they know what they had experienced under the holy shrine of bapuji never be measurable,not possible to achieve the highest position of internal bliss without being the presence of bapuji and for them their guruji is almighty.



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