Diwali Special, Festival

H.H.Pujya Asharamji Bapuji’s Sanctified Message On The Pious Eve Of Diwali

Asaram Bapu Diwali

Asaram Bapu Diwali

Diwali is a major festival of India, is primarily celebrated to commemorate the return of Lord Rama from his 14 years of exile;symbolizes the victory of light over dark.Pandavas from the Mahabharata returned to their homeland after 13 years and the day is celebrated to commemorate their return. The Sikhs celebrate this day to mark the day of freedom or the day when their Guru, Guru Hargobind got free from the jail. The Jains celebrate this day as they believe that Lord Mahavira attained enlightenment on this day. There are still other theories associated with Diwali such as the rising of Goddess Lakshmi from the sea, the killing of Narkasura by Lord Vishnu and birth of Goddess Kali.

“Without the Sun,Earth would be an icy rock in space;life on earth would not be possible without sun”.
“Without the water,No existence of life on earth.”
“A Child’s agony is only understands by his mother inspite of all beloved ones are loving and nurturing him but still a child needs his mother because ones can’t nurture  him like his mother”.

“Metaphysical progression not possible without the guidance Of Pious Guru”.

A self-reliant sage Asharamji bapuji is a benefactor,philanthropic,benevolent and true patriot is sent behind bars since 2013 because his selfless seva for the motherland,Santana-dharma amongst masses is steeply progressing people came to know the real meaning of life;the value of human birth is clearly understood by them when attends the spiritual discourses of the generous bapuji and hence today is being worshiped by more than 4 million followers.Spiritual discourses of bapuji reviving sanatana values,”Parents Worship Day” replaces Western Oriented “Valentine’s Day”,”Gurukul System Of Education’ replaces “Macaulay’s Ed  Bapuji’s selfless affectionate adoration for sanatan-dharma becomes major For evangelists(foreign christian missionaries) if anyone is the biggest hurdle to spread christianity all over the nation is – Bapuji.  Through social media came to know that before 15 days of bapuji arrest,pope came india and said “He wants to spreads Christianity all over the nation,wants to see India as “Christian Country” , very soon his dream will come to reality.After that Bapuji was arrested at mid-night inspite of suffering from illness,pangs of conscience been given to a senior citizen of the nation who has sacrificed himself to save the sanatana-dharma from the claws of evangelists.Purgatory to 75 year old saint ,illegitimate attitude with bapuji makes every true hindu/individual to be of skeptic ;is we are living out of india?Is law is different for hindu sants?.But no comparison with the divine bapuji’s fortitude,very happily accepts the brutality of anti-hinduist community.

Diwali,the holy festival of India emblem for cleanliness,purchasing new things,distributing sweets and illumination.Bapuji a disseminator of ultimate truth wants to establish true vedantic values inside every ones heart so that an individual would attain “Nirvana”or “Salvation”;gets liberation from the cycle of birth-rebirth .Disciples observe verbal silence,which is a treasure house of ultimate truth,true knowledge,wisdom and refrains the devotees from all the miseries. Immaculate your heart,enrich it with divine nectar so that you will be able to spread the piousness of divine and realises the supreme in your self and also experience the innerbliss. While communicating always remember you are not talking to any statue,inside him almighty resides,your pleasant voice,melodious behavior with your peer takes the form of devotion. Illumination of divine knowledge in your life which helps to achieve the highest position of the self and be the observer of every circumstances that come in your life,these situations are dynamic not static not become slaves of these evanescent situations.In every circumstance remember the almighty who is yours, materialistic world  is almighty’s illusion.Everything goes on changes,nothing remains static but be the onlooker of every circumstances.

Bapuji believes in the “Nishkam Karma Yog”,encourages his disciples to do good deeds but in return not demand for anything from god,because god’s grace bestow real happiness and harmony.With bapuji’s assistance ,disciples organizes a huge number of self-less sewa programs amongst tribal people across the nation on the pious eve of diwali,”Daridnarayans ” were satisfied by providing them domestic materials,tribal peoples also do chanting hariom-hari hariom.Plight of million disciples is only understands by their satguru because without the divine partayaksh darshana of their satguru their is no real happiness in their live and it is synonymously to the barren land.


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