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The Flip Side of Asaramji Bapu

Asaramji Bapu

The Flip Side: Ek sach jo aap tak pahunch na saka – Documentary [HD]

Documentary to bring out flipside of Sant Asaram Bapu c

The Flip Side (एक सच जो आप तक पहुँच न सका) is a 2015 Indian documentary film by Utpal Kalal, depicting the jaw-dropping story of Saint Asaram Bapu.

Indie Filmmaker Utpal Kalal and Cinematographer Kaustubh Manchekar travel to the Asaram Bapu’s Motera Ashram in Ahmedabad, looking to observe the Ashram’s reality and investigate the Sadhaks living there. They spent 20 days in the Ashram, interacting with each of the inhabitants, and closely observing each and every ashram activity. They have asked unrestrained, hard-hitting questions based on whatever allegations have been put up, and tried to research all the related aspects without any prejudice, and unabashedly. They watched and analyzed many hours of footage archives, and when the filming and research was complete, what they had was an unforgettable experience with them, a soul stirring reality that has not reached the common man, until now.

(Asaram Bapu who is currently lodged at Central Jail, Jodhpur, is exercising his legal recourse against the charges of molestation. It’s believed that he has been framed in an international conspiracy and gone through the worst media trial ever.)

Presented by: UK Pictures
Directed, Written, Narrated by: Utpal Kalal
Director of Photography: Kaustubh Manchekar
Edited by: Sanjay Chaudhary & Sachin Nikam
Original Music by: Vishal & Shivram
Production Audio: Lokesh

Copyright © 2015 by UK Pictures Entertainment.
Any reproduction, republication or distribution of all or part of this film is expressly prohibited, unless UK Pictures Entertainment grants you prior written permission.


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