tulasi Pujan

Tulsi Poojan Divas On 25th December : A Pioneering Initiative By H.H. Pujya Asharamji Bapuji

TULSI-PUJANLord Krishna Said,,”Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma.” Our Legendary Sanatan-dharma is worldly famous for its its unique rituals, customs, traditions,festivals and beliefs but westernization and modernization has completely changed our way of life,neither have the proper knowledge nor have the proper understanding of celebrating festivals with real sense.People are supposed to blindly follow the western oriented customs  because of not proper guidance,they are steeply humiliating theirselves. But Where Embodiment Sant like Pujya Sri Asharamji bapuji our sanatan dharma is again steeply reviving its ancient times traditional values ; by the herculean efforts of pious saint India is in a way to become World’s “Super Power”,Bapuji’s Gurukul System Of Education is replacing Maclauy’s Education System, “Parents Worship Day “is being celebrated all over the world on 14th February every year,replaces Valentine’s Day.Inspite of being sent behind bars on the basis of conspirators cooked fake stories,bapuji selfless seva for the humanity,for the motherland remains constant pious bapuji is always in heed to save the great sanatan -dhrama from the claws of evangelists,benevolent bapuji has taken the initiative to celebrate 25th december as “Tulsi Pujan Divas” because bapuji said that during these days criminal activities happened in a huge number which not only pollute the environment but also induce the youths to indulge more in immoral acts.As Said in our holy scriptures,”A True Saint Is One who see divine in all,feels the pain of others,always in heed to amelioration of others etc;these all qualities have been seeing in bapuji.If one wishes to have a divine darshana of true saint,I without any hesitation would suggest the name of saint Asharamji Bapuji because a saint who sacrifices 50 years of his life span for the selfless seva of sanatan-dharma,in return never demands for anything;moreover very patiently tolerating the injustice being happening with him .Bapuji is real,pious,benevolent etc I donot know how many terms i can used to describe his greatness but in the end all these would be as like One Wishes to Enlighten “Lord Surya” .No doubt bapuji is major hurdle for evangelist,anti-hinduist people but his “Brahmasankalpa” always works.Bapuji told that the glory of Tulsi is mentioned in several Puranas like Padma Purana, Brahma Vaivartha Purana, Skandha Purana, Garuda Purana, Kartheeka Purana and Vishnu Dharmottara Purana etc.As per Padma Purana it is said that Tulsi came out from the joyous tears of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu that fell on the Divine Nectar (Amrutha) that emerged out during Ksheera Sagara Madhanam.Entire Tulsi plant, leaves, flowers, stems, roots, seeds and even the Mrittika (clay of Tulsi roots) are all full of religious, spiritual and medicinal significance. Tulsi is also called as Viswavandhya; Brunda; Pushparasa; Krishna Jeevani; Nandini; Viswapavani, Viswapoojitha; and Brundavani. Tulsi is believed to be Lakshmi Swaroopam symbolizing Goddess Lakshmi and is beloved to Lord Vishnu. It is said that where Tulsi is, there Lord Vishnu resides and such place is considered as a Theertha (sacred place).It is not just a sacred plant to be worshiped. It is considered as an incarnation of Goddess Herself and is called as Tulsi Devi.
Holy Scriptures Says,

“Tulsee kananam yatra | yatra padma vanani cha |
vasanti vaishnava yatra | tatra sannihito harih ||”

Sri Hari will reside wherever Tulsi garden, pond with lotus flowers and Vaishnavas reside.Tulsi was born on the Earth as King Dharmadhwaja s daughter. She was an epitome of beauty and was blessed with an amsha of goddess Lakshmi. The king gave her the appropriate name of Tulsi. Tula means equal, meaning equal to Lakshmi. But, nowhere is it said that Tulsi herself is Lakshmi. Vishnu wore the garland of Tulsi to fulfil Tulsis desire to be always in the company of Hari. Vishnu also gave a boon to Tulsi that “she would attain the company of Vishnu through the Tulsi dala (a bunch of Tulsi leaves formed at the end of the branch) given by the devotees”.

Jnanis say, seeing (darshana) of Tulsi in the morning erases all sins. This is said in:

yanmoole sarva teerthani | yanmadhye sarva devata |
yadagre sarva vedascha | tulsee tvam namamyaham ||

At the base of the Tulsi plant all the rivers abhimani devatas are present; in the stem all the devatas are present; and in the tip all Vedas are present.

Gau koti dana sadrusham phalamapnuvanti ||

Tulsi’s darshana is equivalent to gifting away (daana) of one crore cows.

All sins will be erased by darshana, body will be cleansed (deha shuddhi) by touching (sparsha), diseases will be removed by prostration (namaskara), escape (parihara) from Yama’s clutches by watering Tulsi plant, development of Hari bhakthi by growing Tulsi plant, obtaining salvation (moksha) by offering of Tulsi to Sri Hari are the various benefits of Tulsi. These being so, what could be the benefit of Tulsi pooja with utmost devotion? – Good things (shubha) in both this world and the other world (iha and para).

Poojiparige parama mangaLada padavittu salahuvi |

Tulsi will recommend grant of salvation (moksha) with Sri Hari for those who worship her. Daily during early mornings, the Tulsi brindavana placed in the front of the house should be seen (darshana), clean the frontage with water, and decorate with rangoli (floor decoration with white stone powder), recite:

tulsee shree sakhee shubhe papaharinee punyade |
namaste naradanute narayana manah priye ||

Tulsi, friend of Lakshmi Devi, embodiment of mangala, one who erases sins, bestow punya, beloved of Shri Narayana, who is prostrated by Narada, I prostrate to you.

Tulsi plant in its entirety is extensively used in Ayurveda in curing various diseases like allergy, skin infections, cold, cough and respiratory infections, heart diseases, stomach disorders, sore throat, ear ache, mouth infections, fever, head ache, sleeplessness.It is said to be very effective in viral infections and malaria. In fact it is suggested as a good remedy for Swine Flu. It is said that Tulsi is very effective for controlling the Diabetes, kidney related disorders like kidney stones.  Tulsi decoction is also used as herbal tea.Usage of Tulsi also helps in improving memory power. It is considered as a very good Anti-Oxidant that prevents accumulation of bad cholesterol and fights with free radicals in the body. Tulsi is believed to be an antidote to Snake venom and other insect bites.Tulsi is used liberally in the manufacture of shampoos preventing dandruff, soaps and other beauty care products. Among various varieties of Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi is considered to be full of medicinal value. Karpoora Tulsi is used in the manufacture of herbal toiletry products.Tulsi plant and its leaves with its unique and strong fragrance is said to cleanse the environment and provide a healthy and peaceful atmosphere. It is said that Tulsi plant always releases oxygen into the atmosphere. It is considered to be effective to sleep in the sacred and healthy ambience of Tulsi plant. It is believed that the presence of Tulsi will ward off the evil spirits from entering the house. During an Eclipse we find people placing Tulsi leaves in the stored water and food to prevent the food and water from getting contaminated due to the pollution caused by the Eclipse. In view of its potential properties to cleanse the atmosphere Tulsi is liberally grown in industrial areas for prevention of pollution. Fumigation with the dried Tulsi plant repels insects.

Praseeda TulsiDevi

Praseeda HariVallabhe

Ksheerodha Madanodbhuthe

Tulsithwaam Namamyaham




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