‘A terrible helicopter accident took place at 3.30 pm on 29th August, 2012 at Godhara, Gujarat (India). The helicopter was broken into many pieces; and then it caught fire. Do you know who was aboard this helicopter? He was Asharam Bapuji; who came out unscathed.’

“Helicopter was shattered into pieces; but Bapu Asharamji is completely safe and unhurt, this is a miracle.”

Has anybody survived such a horrible accident?

“This was the miracle of Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu only, seen by the whole world.”


What Manai Ashram Care taker says,


What is the truth of all false allegations ?


Do you know Conspiracy against Asaram ji Bapu influenced by Psychological aspects of the society ?


What Sangeeta From Patiala says,


Shocking – Indian Paid Media Exposed Completly

What Sakshi From Patiyala says,


Note Worthy Facts :


Reactions on False Allegations


Difference between real and fake news



2 thoughts on “WHAT A MIRACLE! Simply Beyond Human Mind !

  1. ye sab hindu sant se shraddha hatane ke liye kiya ja rha h.just for vote kyon ki hindu collectively kaha milenge santo ke pass sant par galat iljam laga do to sare bat jayenge or vote bhi.bhartiye sanskriti ko mitane ke leye sab ho rha h.dharam se bal milta h dharam me ashraddha kar denge to ham kamjor ho jayenge aisa un ka mannna h . i proud to be hindu.jai bharat jai hindu.


  2. I personaaly feel that BAPUJI is innocent and he has not done anything..:)
    this media and the exploiting congress is the main culprit behind all this..:)
    This is also a leela of shri bapuji…prisoners also need bapuji’s guidance for doing the prayischit of their sins and bapuji is their to guide them..:)
    hare krishna..<3 hari bol..:)


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