asaram bapuji

Thanks To All By Asaramji Bapu


Thank you paidmedia for keeping Sant Asharamji Bapu in news with your nonsense 24/7 coverage, debates & witch hunts.
Paid media sees every positive news in negative way and we see every negative news in positive way. This is called Bapuji’s way. Due to your negative campaign,
Every 1000th of second, we remember our Beloved Bapuji.
Every second, God name is at our tongue. Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram…..
You made us united and awakened.
You inspired us to do more Good publicity.
With Vigor you tried to defame our National saints, with double force we will spread the glory of our saints not only in India but all over the world.
We finally got rid of your news channel which saved our pocket and restored our internal peace.
You showed us that how low you can go in selling news.
People came to know the credibility of your news channels.
List will go on.
How’s the magic has not been understood !
Keep doing your negative campaign and make Pujya Bapuji more popular. In your world controversy works. In spiritual world, great resolution works. We are giving you open challenge that do your work sincerely and keep us on our toes all the time. Battle already begun. Truth prevails. Om hrim Om. Jai Sant Asharamji Bapu.
Do you have any other positive points to add, please put them in comment box.


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