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Holi – One of the divine festivals celebrated by Sanatan dharma followers later on named as Hindus few centuries ago , has its own authentic values & scientific reasons for celebrations. The festival has its unique way of benefiting humans spiritually as well as physically.

Traditionally, the festival originates millions of years ago even before Lord Rama was born.

The ancient history in scripts the story of Prahlada, known for his great devotion and love to Parmatma. Prahlada was attacked by egoistic evil forces within his family certain times as they did not liked his extreme devotion. However, Parmatma protected and removed the troubling wicked shadows each time.

Holi is merely not just burning of woods, however spiritually meant to blaze one’s negative emotions   i.e. ego, greed, anger, desires & worldly attachments to annihilate in fire & offer spiritually nourished mind, body & soul. The festival gives us pious message that we too should face the obstacles coming our way with determination & whatever the odds against us may be, keeping Prahlad as our ideal, let us not allows our faith in Parmatma to dither. It gifts message to spread joy & divine love with each and everyone around.

During prehistoric times, Holi was celebrated with Palash flowers and homemade colours (Turmeric Powder/Dried flowers/Henna /Red Sandal Wood etc) which have good effect on health. Palash flowers are one of them & have number of well termed qualities.

  1. Taking 1-2 drops of palash gum increases strength of body and kills the backache problems.
  2. According to Jyotish science, Kalsarap yog which is termed as risky Kaala is removed by applying colours made by Palash flower.
  3. According to Ayurveda, when Pitta dosh in human body increase, person suffers from Heart attack & when Vayu dosh increases, other problems exist. Both of doshas can be removed using Palash colour.

Unfortunately, Later when British rule in Bharat started, they made a sharp business out of it too & best in knowing the tactics to fool, they sold harmful chemical colours to India which initiated terrible problems like cancer, kidney failures, Allergies etc so Indians could be damaged & afterwards drain money on english medicines. Hence, as decades passed by, Importance of using Palash colours and homemade colours on Holi diminished.

Now, with the initiative of Pujya Sant Shri Asaram Bapuji , people  are aware with knowledge of its rich culture. The great Spiritual Guru plays Holi with his devotees every year using palash colours to bless them with spirituality and good health.

However, to the suspicions, Anti-Hindu forces working restlessly to destroy the divine culture haven’t left the bar on defaming its values, the pious saints & now against the festive celebration .They are intentionally spreading the false propaganda of wastage of water during celebrations and against Pujya bapuji & his devotees.  Indian Paid media made an issue out of pious celebration last year misleading audience about the wastage of water.

We collected shocking huge water wastage stats on anti-humane acts which were indeed an Eye-opener.

  1. Slaughter / Abattoir house – 1.8 million liter of drinking water per day is wasted in just one slaughter and abattoir house.

  2.  Alcohol Factory – Each Alcohol & beverage factory wastes 9000million litres of water on an average.

  3. Cocacola & pepsico – alone are responsible for wasting 5.168 billion litres of water in our country. Moreover, eight PepsiCo are located in areas that govt. has specified as water-stressed areas. Due to these companies, the farmers & local men face heavy trouble for drinking water.

  4. Millions Of litre water is wasted in rain dance, 5 star hotel swimming pools & Pool parties every year. None of these offers physical & mental help logically.

  5. During IPL matches alone for 36 days, each ground uses 21.6Lakh litres of water for its maintenance.

Along with crores of litres of water is being wasted every day in production of liquor and soft drinks that are injurious to health & society. Thousands of liter water is wasted everyday due to leakage of water pipes. Indeed, the stats are not TRP holders for Paid media; and it might help Indian audience to identify hypocrisy of western culture over divine Indian traditions. #sarcasm

Why there isn’t any report on all real statistics by Paid media crooks? Instead they are interested & bribed to mislead us by uttering against Indian culture & its pious Saints.

Holi celebrated by AsaramJi Bapu is not a waste of water, as it saves millions of litres water by organizing a collective celebration by using just 6000 litres of water for thousands of sadhaks. If each of these sadhaks used chemical based colours at homes, they use 300 to 500 litres of water per person to clean the colours. So, comparing the data, even if 100000 people celebrates Holi with 6000 litres of water i.e. approximately 60ml per person, instead of using 300 to 500 litres of water , logically it is saving of water and not wasting.

Let’s rejoice the Joyful festival with our Vedic traditions & pray for healthier and prosperous Bharat .



Call to Society to acquire good health and conserve water by Celebrating Vedic Holiby H.H AsaramjiBapu


Press Release

(New Delhi: 15 March, 2014):

Holi is the festival of colours to celebrate the victory of good over evil. In the core this festival is one which gives happiness along with good health. But today, the whole concept of celebrating Holi has become restricted to having meaningless fun, indulging in brash,anti-social activities and use of extremely harmful chemical colours.

H.H Sant Shri AsaramjiBapu has spearheaded the campaign to spread awareness among people across the nation about ill-effects of playing Holi with chemical colours. Not only this,during his religious discourses Bapuji has also promoted an excellent alternative in the form of playing Vedic Holi with natural colours.

Importance and Benefits of Vedic Holi

The use of chemical colours not only wastes a lot of water to wash away chemical pigments, but doctors suggest that it causes severe ailments too.

The harmful effects of chemical colours





Lead Oxide

Kidney Disease, Mental Disability


Copper Sulphate

Irritation and swelling in eyes; temporary blindness


Aluminium Bromide



Prussian Blue

Dreadful skin disease ”Contact Dermatitis “


Mercury Sulphide

Skin cancer


Chromium Iodide

Asthma, allergy

In his discourses, Bapuji has repeatedly focused on celebrating Holi in the traditional way by using colours made from natural herbs like Palash and Marigold petals which provides resistance to diseases and enhance capacity to withstand summer heat. The usage of water is as minimal as 30ml to 60 ml per person in the collective Holi celebrations conducted by Bapuji with thousands of his followers at a time. More importantly, it is time to refocus on the rich Indian culture during such celebrations and Bapuji has taken great initiatives towards it.


Vedic Holi Celebrations

Bapuji says in his pious message on the occasion of Holi:”The festival of Holi is an occasion to awaken your hidden nature of Self-Bliss through mirth and jest. Let bygones be bygones. What has happened has happened. Have no attachment and hatred therefore. Don’t fear the future. Don’t be obsessed with anything, have no fixations. Like Prahlad, make your heart full of love and joy.”

Inspired by PujyaShree,millions celebrate Vedic Holi with their friends and family across the nation. Since several years under the holy guidance of Pujya Shree many in Gujarat and even from other states throng the ashram in Surat along the banks of Tapi river to take part in the Vedic Holi celebrations apart from several other cities spread across the nation.

Bapu-txt initiative of natural vedic holi Provides employment to the poor and the tribals. as demand of palash flowers increses in market-pic crowd holi

Not content with having just disciples benefit the Vedic Holi, under Pujya Shree’s guidance, volunteers strive to propagate effective techniques of making colours at home, so that society is saved from the harmful effects of chemical colours.

Bright saffron colour : 1) Soak Palash flowers in water overnight and boil them in the morning. 2) Mix a pinch of sandalwood powder in one litre of water.

Ayurveda has taken into account the significance of ‘Palash’(Buteafrondosa) flowers. Its use helps in crqadicating disorders of Kapha and Pitta humbours, leprosy, fever, strangury, flatulence and blood disorders. This natural saffron colours increases the blood circulation. It not only keeps our muscles strong and robust but also helps in enhancing our willpower and mental faculties.

Yellow gulal: 1) Four spoonfuls of besan (gram flour) added to two spoonfuls of turmeric makes dry yellow colour. 2) Powder of dry yellow flowers of Amaltaas (the Indian Laburnum Cassia fistula) and Marigold overnight in water and boil the same in the morning to get liquid yellow colour.

Liquid yellow colour: 1) Two spoonfuls of turmeric powder boiled in two litre water makes very good yellow colour. 2) Soak yellow flowers of Amaltaas (the Indian Laburnum Cassia fistula) and Marigold overnight in water and boil the same in the morning to get liquid yellow colour.

Purple colour : The beet-root boiled in water makes good purple colour.

Black colour :Amla powder soaked overnight in an iron utensil gives good black colour.

Red colour: 1) Mix two teaspoonfuls turmeric powder and a pinch of limestone powder in half a cup of water and mix it with ten litres of water . 2) 2 spoonfuls red sandal powder boiled in one litre water gives beautiful red colour.

Red Gulal : Use powder of dry red Gudhal (shoe-flower).

Green colour : 1) Make a paste of leaves of spinach, coriander and mint and mix it with water. 2) Grind wheat grass.

Green gulal : Grind dried leaves of gulmohar (flamboyant) and raatkiraani (tuberose)

Brown green gulal : Mix menhdi powder with Amla powder.

All-round Contribution of PujyaShree to the society

India is a land that has given birth to prodigious gems and one of them is our kind hearted Saint H.H AsaramJiBapu, who has dedicated his life completely to the well-being of the society. His contributions towards the society are immense ranging from rural development, children empowerment, free meditation camps, health care/mobile medical facilities, disaster relief, special Youth Programs to Women empowerment programs.

One of the recently celebrated events was the “Matru Pitru Pujan Divas”(Parents Worship Day) which has gained a lot of popularity both in India as well as abroad. On this occasion, Bapuji successfully led the entire nation with his philosophy of worshipping parents on 14th February every year and spread the fragrance of true love and righteousness. Since its conception ‘Parents Worship Day’has received immense support from celebrities, politicians and several eminent personalities who have joined Pujya Bapuji in his mission to appeal all to celebrate the festival. In response to that, several states and their administrations have joined hands and made the mission a success.

Pujya Shree’s Contribution towards Nation Building

Here are some of the links where you can read about many priceless contributions made by Bapuji in the last 40 years.

With colors, Guruji’s blessing descended on us

 Rural Development:

Disaster Relief:

Sewa Images:

Child Empowerment:



Parents Worship Day elebrations:

Imbibing rich culture and values in the children through more than 18,000 Balsanskar centres run free of cost across the world:

“Its not only the festival of colors but festival of gaining year long health benefits!
Vedic Holi ! #HappyVedicHoli :

Vedic Holi is d festival to make “”all-round”” development!
Know how: #HappyVedicHoli

Holi the festival of love and chastity
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Embrace Vedic Holi & get a healthy life!! Celebrate #HappyVedicHoli

Know the true meaning of Holi! How to get next out of this Divine festival!  #HappyVedicHoli :


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