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Thanks To All By Asaramji Bapu


Thank you paidmedia for keeping Sant Asharamji Bapu in news with your nonsense 24/7 coverage, debates & witch hunts.
Paid media sees every positive news in negative way and we see every negative news in positive way. This is called Bapuji’s way. Due to your negative campaign,
Every 1000th of second, we remember our Beloved Bapuji.
Every second, God name is at our tongue. Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram…..
You made us united and awakened.
You inspired us to do more Good publicity.
With Vigor you tried to defame our National saints, with double force we will spread the glory of our saints not only in India but all over the world.
We finally got rid of your news channel which saved our pocket and restored our internal peace.
You showed us that how low you can go in selling news.
People came to know the credibility of your news channels.
List will go on.
How’s the magic has not been understood !
Keep doing your negative campaign and make Pujya Bapuji more popular. In your world controversy works. In spiritual world, great resolution works. We are giving you open challenge that do your work sincerely and keep us on our toes all the time. Battle already begun. Truth prevails. Om hrim Om. Jai Sant Asharamji Bapu.
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Hari Om
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Self Realization Day of Pujya Bapuji – Oct 6
Across the world, His disiciples celebrate this day by organizing Daridranarayan SevaHealth CareKirtan-YatrasBhandarasSatsang and much more…
Attached to this email, is an article from Rishi Prasad every humanist and patriot should read again and must share. 

Lok Kalyan Setu, September 2013

Sharad Navratri (Oct 5 – Oct 13)
यदि कोई पूरे नवरात्रि के उपवास-व्रत न कर सकता हो तो सप्तमी, अष्टमी और नवमी तीन दिन उपवास करके देवी की पूजा करने से वह सम्पूर्ण नवरात्रि के उपवास के फल को प्राप्त करता है।
More detail information of Navratri mahima, vrat and poojan vidhi click on below link
Sanjay Singh Bhai from New Jersey Ashram had darshan of Bapuji in Jail yesterday.Hariom live from Jodhpur I am here and I was blessed with Bapujis Darshan at Jail ..Bapu is in his masti as usual in great health and said he is inside and outside everywhere .. And all will be well soon .. So many sadhaks were outside the jail and the scene was very emotional .

Every one did Aarti outside the jail and was so emotional people were crying .. Doing dandwat on the road and put flowers on the gate .. 


Click on the links below to download Rishi Prasad.


Rishi Prasad in Hindi

Rishi Prasad in English

Difference between real and made-up news stories. 

Hari OM
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Saint and People

Cry from a Devotee’s Heart


O wretched sinner! O slanderer of the Guru!!
You will never find peace of mind
You will go to lowly forms,
And will suffer for countless births.
Cursed by so many hearts you are,
Indulging in violence and slander.
Bereft of devotion and love divine,
You will get only misery, pain and disquiet.
This Maya and ‘my-ness’ will be of no avail,
Nor will be wealth, fame and cute body.
Oblivious to equanimity,
Knowledge and meditation,
You will stumble at every step in life.
You have yourself opened
all doors of hell for you.
You will never be delivered.
Embellishing malice and ego,
You will always repent.
The life is transient,
Will always respect.
The life is transient,
Will vanish in no time.
Better it is to serve others
And worship the Lord.
If you waste the precious time
you will have to repent in the end.
The Guru is equanimous and a carefree giver,
Showering grace every moment.
Bereft of eternal wealth,
You will waste this life.

— Janaki Chandnani, Ahmedabad

asaram bapuji

Bhai Manjh’s Steadfast Devotion to the Guru Arjun Dev Ji


One, who remains engaged in the Guru’s service unruffled by the obstacles, hurdles and enticements in life, becomes a deserving disciple of the Guru. One who has assimilated the grace of a perfected Guru, assimilates the knowledge of the absolute Truth as well. He alone leads a blessed life, who remains steadfast in his devotion to the Guru even in the face of various adverse circumstances. A landlord called Manjh came to Guru Arjan Dev and said, “Please make me your disciple.”

“Who do you follow at present?” asked Guru Arjan.

“Sakhi Sarwar. We also have a temple in its name at home.”

“Go, pay obeisance to it for the last time and come back after razing the temple to the ground.”

“Yes Sir, as you command.”

Breaking the temple was not so easy but the landlord had faith in the Guru and didn’t care for anything so long as he was carrying out the Guru’s orders. So, he destroyed the temple. The people ostracized him for desecrating the temple and criticized him severely. The landlord went to the feet of Guru Arjan Dev. Seeing a deserving disciple in the landlord, Arjan Dev bestowed initiation on him and taught him the method of sadhana.

Now the landlord would remain engaged in meditation and in doing japa of the Guru-mantra without wasting his time in rites and rituals. His whole life-style was changed. He would give less time to farming. He was put to one test after another. Soon his horse died, then some of his bullocks, next thieves came and took some of his possessions. He now started facing more opposition from the people and all of his creditors demanded immediate repayment. The landlord mortgaged his land, cleared all his debts and himself started working on a farm. At that time the level of interest was such that it was almost impossible for anyone who mortgaged his land to rise again. Once a landlord, Manjh was now working as a labourer himself, but his love for the Guru’s feet never decreased. After some time Manjh had to move to another village along with his wife and children. He began to make his livelihood by cutting and selling grass. Arjan Dev inquired about him and found out that he was living as an outcast, the whole society had ostracized him, but his faith was intact. Arjan Dev was pleased to know this. Ostracized by the society, Manjh had won a place for himself in the Guru’s heart.

After some time the Guru again inquired about him and found out that he was leading a hand-to-mouth life. Guru Arjan sent one of his disciple to deliver a letter to Manjh.

“Be sure to demand twenty rupees as an offering before you give him the letter,” the Guru told the disciple.

Why would the Guru need money? However, He tries the disciple to test his faith and enhance his ability. And it is true that gold has to pass the test of fire several times to become pure. Manjh asked twenty rupees from his wife for the Guru’s letter. Twenty rupees in those days would be equal to around five to seven thousand rupees today. The wife replied, “Lord! I have two wedding bangles and other ornaments. Sell these and send the money to Gurudev.”

The bangles were sold and rupees twenty sent to the Guru. Gurudev saw that his faith was still intact! After some time the Guru sent Manjh a second letter, for which he was to make an offering of twenty-five rupees.

From where was he to bring the money? There was not a single pie at home. He remembered that the headman of the village had once asked if his son could marry Bhai Manjh’s daughter. The caste system was prevalent in those days and the headman belonged to a lower caste. Manjh proposed to the headman, ‘I will marry my daughter to your son but I want only twenty-five rupees as marriage settlement and nothing else.”

Manjh did not mind marrying his daughter to a boy of a lower caste, sending his daughter into a family of people with mean mentality.

Great is his faith in the Guru! The Guru saw that his faith had not wavered yet. He sent a message, “Come here and look after the ashram’s kitchen. Work in the kitchen and serve food to the people.”

Manjh carried out the Guru’s command implicitly and started working in the kitchen.

“Manjh looks after the kitchen, but where does he take his food?” the Guru asked one of his disciples after a few days.

“He gets his food from the free community kitchen after serving food to every body,” the disciple said.

“Bhai Manjh is not doing real service,” said the Guru, “He is taking a wage in the form of food. This is not selfless service.”

Manjh took the Guru’s gesture as a command. From the next day on, Manjh served in the kitchen during the day and went to the forest to cut wood. He then sold the wood in the bazaar and used the proceeds to buy food for his family. This went on for a few days. One evening, Manjh went to the forest to cut wood, which was needed for the Guru’s kitchen. A great storm blew up after he had finished cutting the wood. He tried to seek refuge under a tree with his bundle of wood on his head but the wind was so fierce that it blew him into a well.

Suddenly Guru Arjan Dev called some of his disciples and set out towards the forest with a long rope and a wooden board. The disciples were surprised. “Manjh is at the bottom of this well,” said the Guru when they reached the well. “Shout down to him and tell him that we will lower a board tied to a rope. Tell him to cling to the board and we will pull him out.”

He then spoke something into a person’s ears and told him to say that to Manjh. The person told Manjh, “Brother, see the wretched condition you are in. Why do you follow such a cruel Guru? Why don’t you abandon and forget him?”

Manjh shouted from within, “How dare you say that my Guru is cruel? I have only compassion for him in my heart. Never again speak such shameful words.”

The Guru himself had sent that person to break Manjh’s faith, but bravo Manjh! Manjh said, “I would rather die of hunger inside the well than listen to slander against the Guru. I will die as the Guru’s beloved and not as being one of the slanderers and those who are without a Guru. It is better to die as the Guru’s beloved than live immortally being one among the slanderers and those who have no Guru.”

Bhai Manjh first placed the dry wood he was carrying on his head on the wooden board. “Take this wood first,” he said, “Because it is for the Guru’s kitchen. If it gets wet it would not burn.”


The wood was drawn up, and then Manjh himself was pulled out of the well. As he came out he saw his Guru. He prostrated at His feet. Lifting him up and patting him on the back, Guru Arjan Dev said, “I am proud of you! You have faced all the tests with unwavering faith, courage and devotion and have come out successful. I will be glad to gift you even the three worlds.”

Bhai Manjh was in tears as he said, “I want only you as a boon from you. I have no love for any other thing.” The Guru embraced Manjh and said,

“Manjh is the Guru’s beloved and the Guru is Manjh’s beloved. Now Manjh, like the Guru, is a ship that carries people safely across the ocean of phenomena.”

The Guru enlightened Manjh on the Truth. How trying and adverse were the circumstances! However, Manjh was undaunted. Manjh remained steadfast despite several attempts to break his faith. That is why from the Guru’s heart these words overflowed for him, “Manjh is my beloved. He, like the Guru, is a ship that carries people safely across the ocean of phenomena.”

Blessed is Manjh’s devotion to the Guru! Blessed is his faith and blessed is his love for the Guru!

asaram bapuji

Dr. Rahul Katyal: The Miraculous Effect of Guru’s Grace and of Saraswatya Mantra


I am a physiotherapist by profession. I was not very bright as a student. In the tenth class, I got a mere 35 per cent marks in Maths and 58 per cent marks in Science. The school authorities refused to admit me to the Science group saying I could never become a doctor. Somehow, I cleared twelfth standard exams and got admitted to Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B. P. T.) course. It was a tough task and I found it very difficult to remember medical terms.

In the midst of these happenings, my good fortune took me to Pujya Bapuji’s satsang in December 2004. I listened to the satsang very attentively and greatly impressed by Pujyashri’s heart-reaching words, I took Diksha of Saraswatya mantra. Thereafter, I started doing mantra-japa, meditation and Bhramari Pranayam etc. as directed by Pujya Bapuji. In just a few days, this had a miraculous result and my intellect became sharper and more astute with each passing day.

Even during my studies, I invented two wheel chairs highly useful in physiotherapy. The world-renowned American Dr. Ruri Cooper, who is known as ‘the father of wheel chair’ praised me heartily in a conference and said, “I too was thinking of doing something on these lines, but you have performed a virtual miracle.”

Of the many awards which I have received, the most important one is the national award from ‘National Research Development Corporation’ of Government of India with a cash prize of one lakh rupees. This is the first time ever that this prize was given to a physiotherapist. I have been heartily praised for this prize also because of the fact that all other awardees were P. H. D. and were highly experienced, whereas I got the award at a very young age. I attribute all these successes to Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu. All this is the miraculous effect of His grace.

– Dr. Rahul Katyal

Arjuna Nagar,

Rohtak (Haryana).