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Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu – Aarop 210 Taka Jhutha Hai

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Sharad Poonam, Shri Sureshanandji – Part-I- 18-10-13


Sant Asharamji Bapu is saviour of Hindutva: sadhaks

In a letter to CM, sadhaks claim Sant Asharamji Bapu is a great man and all charges against him should be dropped; pro and anti-Sant Asharamji Bapu groups start signature campaign.

Days after Sant Asharamji Bapu was arrested in an alleged faulty case, his followers have swung into action to clear their ‘Bapu’s’ name. Claiming the false allegations against Sant Asharamji Bapu was a conspiracy to target Hindu culture, the sadhaks said they would also send letters to the chief minister’s office demanding that Sant Asharamji Bapu be cleared of all charges.

Also, on occasion of Sharad Purnima on Friday, a special prayer meet was held at Sant Asharamji Bapu Ashram in Motera after which the sadhaks started a signature campaign demanding Sant Asharamji Bapu’s release from police custody.

Sant Asharamji Bapu’s supporters circulated printed letters, addressed to the chief minister, in which they claimed that Sant Asharamji Bapu was a great man and saviour of Hindu religion who should not be humiliated or arrested. “The charges against ‘Bapu’ are false and should be dropped immediately. ‘Bapu’ has 4 crore followers and we all plead with you to release him,” the letter claimed.

The letter had blank space for date and signature. “The letters have been distributed among the followers, which they are asked to photo copy and pass on to other supporters, who will have to sign them and send it to the CMO,” sources said.


Meanwhile, on Friday morning, thousands of sadhaks gathered at the Motera ashram to attend the special Sharad Purnima prayer held for Sant Asharamji Bapu by his close aide Sureshanandji who flew in from Delhi specially for the event.

Addressing Sant Asharamji Bapu’s followers, Shri Sureshanandji urged them to strongly condemn any sort of allegations made against Sant Asharamji Bapu – be it by the media or his detractors.

“This is a difficult time but we should not lose hope. This is a conspiracy against Bapu. Even gods had detractors who conspired against them. But their followers remained true to them. As his followers, we should try to stop this conspiracy against him,” he said.


Shri Sureshanandji’s speech moved the sadhaks to tears, many of whom openly wept while chanting mantras and singing bhajans. However,  Shri Sureshanandji  urged the sadhaks to maintain peace.

He said, “Bapuji always wants his followers to be peaceful and non-violent. There is no point being violent with Bapu’s detractors. Try to reason with them and convince them about his greatness.”

Another sadhak who had come all the way from Delhi asked his fellow sadhaks to use social networking sites to redeem Sant Asharamji Bapu. He said, “Use the social networking sites to spread good words about Bapu. Condemn any slander against him. If a media house has reported something slanderous against him then go to the comments section and leave an explanation on why Bapu is innocent.”


An Sant Asharamji Bapu follower from Aurangabad in Maharashtra said, “There was a newspaper in Aurangabad that used to slander Bapuji. So I stopped subscribing to it. I also convinced my neighbours to stop buying the paper. With its subscription down, the paper had to stop slandering Bapuji. Do the same here.”

After the prayer meet, a pamphlet was distributed among the followers which had prominent leaders of India criticising the media. The pamphlet quoted Mahatma Gandhi as saying that he believes in equality for all except media-persons. It also states that once former president APJ Abdul Kalam had questioned as to why the Indian media was so negative.


Sant Asharamji Bapu Sadhaks also formed an ‘Emergency’ damage control committee to clear Sant Asharamji Bapu’s name in the faulty case. A follower said, “The reason Bapuji is facing this problem is because his followers are not united. This committee will help unite all his followers and help Bapuji get out of this problem. The registration for this committee is being held at the Motera Ashram.”

Meanwhile, a group of sadhaks, mainly women, camped in front of ATS headquarters in Gandhinagar where the godman is being held for questioning. The sadhaks vowed to not even drink water without a glimpse of the godman.

One of the female sadhaks told Mirror, “Every Sharad Purnima, Bapu would give us darshan and a sermon. These allegations against him are false. We want his darshan without which we won’t even drink water.”

The followers gave an application to SIT to allow them a glimpse of Sant Asharamji Bapu or they threatened to block the road. However, JCP Sector- I J K Bhatt rejected sadhak’s demand and said, “It is for the court to allow Sant Asharamji Bapu to meet sadhaks. We can’t allow an accused in our custody to meet with his followers. So we are not going to grant permission for darshan”.


The pamphlet distributed to the followers claimed that over the period several allegations have been made against godmen but none of them has been proved.

» Krupaluji Maharaj was accused of rape in May 2007 when he was 85. But nothing could be proved.

» Baba Ramdev was accused of mixing bones in the medicines he sold. Again, nothing was proved.

» In 2004, Shankracharya Jayendra Saraswati was accused in the murder of Shankaraman. The allegations were not proved.

» Swami Nithyanand was accused of molesting women and running a sex racket. However, the CD was fake and the channel that aired the CD had to apologise.

Other News :

Four ashrams built by Sant Asharamji Bapu’s devotees in Surat, Valsad and Navsari were destroyed over the last week in separate incidents. The latest was on Sunday night when some intruders, believed to be anti-bapu, broke open the Shanti Kutir set up by Sant Asharamji Bapu in Perya village of Valsad district. They broke the cement roofing sheet and set books on fire. The villagers gathered at the spot and put out the fire. The Pardi police began probe.

In the second incident, Navsari district administrative officials on Tuesday started demolishing Sant Asharamji Bapu’s ashram.

The third incident took place in Tajpore Bujrang village in Bardoli Taluka of Surat district.

The fourth incident happened in Vankaner village in Surat’s Bardoli taluka where locals demolished Sant Asharamji Bapu’s ashram, built on the outskirts of the village, on October 15.

Awesome, Guru-Bhakti


बापू जी के श्री चित्र को १०८ परिक्रमा करती निवाई गौशाला की गौमाता


इष्ठनिष्ठा, दृढ़ता व गुरुसेवा मे सफलता

हनुमानजी श्रीरामजी की सेवा के निमित से दूत बनकर सीताजी के पास लंका जा रहे थे। रास्ते में देवताओं, गंधर्वों आदि ने उनके बल, पराक्रम व सेवानिष्ठा की परीक्षा के लिए नागमाता सुरसा को प्रेरित किया। तब सुरसा ने विकराल राक्षसी का रूप बनाया और समुद्र लाँघ रहे हनुमान जी को घेरकर अट्टहास करने लगीः “हाઽઽઽ….. हाઽઽઽ…. हाઽઽઽ….. कपिश्रेष्ठ ! आज विधाता ने तुम्हें मेरा भोजन बनाया है, मैं तुम्हें नहीं छोड़ूँगी। तुम शीघ्र मेरे मुँह में आ जाओ।”

ऐसा कहकर उसने अपना भयंकर मुँह खोला।
एक सच्चे सेवक के लिए स्वामी की सेवा, उनकी आज्ञा से बढ़कर कुछ नहीं होता। ʹराम काजु कीन्हें बिनु मोहि कहाँ बिश्राम।ʹ – ऐसी निष्ठावाले हनुमानजी ने नम्रतापूर्वक सुरसा से कहाः “देवी ! मैं श्रीराम जी की आज्ञा से लंका जा रहा हूँ। सीता मैयाजी के दर्शन कर राम जी से जब मिल लूँगा, तब तुम्हारे मुँह में आ जाऊँगा। यह तुमसे सच्ची प्रतिज्ञा करके कहता हूँ।”
सुरसा हँसने लगीः “नहीं अंजनीसुत ! मुझे विधाता ने वर दिया है कि ʹकोई तुम्हें लाँघकर आगे नहीं जा सकता।ʹ

तुम्हें मेरे मुँह से प्रवेश करके ही आगे जाना होगा।”
एक ओर मृत्यु तो दूसरी ओर स्वामी की सेवा थी। ऐसी विकट परिस्थिति में भी हनुमान जी विचलित नहीं हुए बल्कि अपनी अंतर्यामी राम में शांत हो गये। तुरंत अंतर्प्रेरणा मिली और वे सुरसा से बोलेः “तो ठीक है, तुम अपना मुँह इतना विशाल बनाओ की मुझे समा सके।” सुरसा ने अपना मुँह 1 योजन (8 मील या करीब 13 किलोमीटर) विस्तृत बना लिया तो हनुमानजी 10 योजन बड़े हो गये। यह देखकर सुरसा ने अपना मुँह 20 योजन जितना फैला दिया। तब हनुमान जी 30 योजन के हो गये।

बढ़ते-बढ़ते हनुमानजी जब 90 योजन शरीरवाले हुए तब सुरसा ने अपने मुँह का विस्तार 100 योजन बना लिया, जो एक भयंकर नरक के समान दिख रहा था।
तब बुद्धिमान वायुपुत्र ने झट् से अपना शरीर अँगूठे जितना बनाया और तीव्र वेग से सुरसा के मुँह में प्रवेश कर बाहर निकल आये। वे सुरसा से बोलेः “नागमाता ! मैं तुम्हारे मुँह में प्रवेश करके आ चुका हूँ, इसके तुम्हारा वरदान भी सत्य हो गया। अब मैं श्रीरामजी की सेवा में जा रहा हूँ।”
हनुमानजी की स्वामीनिष्ठा और सेवा में तत्परता देखकर सुरसा ने अपने असली रूप में प्रकट होकर उनको सेवा में शीघ्र सफलता का आशीर्वाद दिया। हनुमानजी की अपने इष्ट की सेवा में निष्ठा एवं बुद्धि-चातुर्य देखकर सब देवता, गंधर्व आदि भी उनकी प्रशंसा करने लगे।
इस प्रकार पहले तो हम अपने जीवन में गुरुसेवा का ऊँचा लक्ष्य बना लें, जैसे हनुमानजी ने लक्ष्य बनाया – अपने इष्ट, अपने आध्यात्मिक पथप्रदर्शक की निष्काम सेवा का। दूसरा, हम अपने उस सत्संकल्प, अपने उस ऊँचे लक्ष्य के प्रति इतने दृढ़ हो जायें कि हमारे भी जीवन में हनुमानजी की वह अडिगता, निष्ठा हर प्रकार से फूट निकले कि ʹप्राणिमात्र के परम हितैषी मेरे सर्वेश्वर का दैवी कार्य किये बिना मुझे विश्राम कहाँ ?ʹ और तीसरी बात, कार्य के बीच-बीच में एवं जब विकट परिस्थितियाँ आयें तब अपने हृदय में सत्ता-स्फूर्ति-सामर्थ्य के केन्द्र के रूप में सदैव विराजमान उस अंतर्यामी में थोड़ा शांत हो जायें, निःसंकल्प हो जायें। इससे दैवी कार्य को उत्तम ढंग से सम्पन्न करने की सुन्दर सूझबूझ व सत्प्रेरणा हमें मिलेगी। सब हमारी प्रशंसा भी कर लें तो भी हमारी अपनी देह में नहीं, अंतर्यामी में आत्मीयता, निष्ठा और सजगता सुदृढ़ होने से हम अपने ऊँचे लक्ष्य से गिर नहीं पायेंगे और केवल उस दैवी कार्य को ही नहीं, अपने जीवन को भी परम सफल बना लेंगे।

जय गुरुदेव